Why Xbox Live Video Marketplace Competes Well Visually With HD-DVD

XYHD has posted an article comparing HD-DVD content with Video Marketplace content.

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MicroGamer4396d ago

versus Sony's one. If digital download really is the future, then what was the point of Sony making the PS3 so expensive (and late) by adding Blu Ray???

Marriot VP4396d ago

the really interesting twist here, is that Sony CAN'T EVER make downloadable HD-movies. Because they would be competing against themselves; taking away the number one reason Blu-ray was installed in the first place. The PS3 was made to win a format war, first and foremost.

mellowspaz4396d ago

good point Paul, I never thought of that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4396d ago

Bet if you asked Sony to choose a game system or a Blu-Ray monopoly, which do you thing they would choose? Sony would give up just about anything for a 10yr Blu-Ray monopoly.

Mikey_Gee4396d ago

.... is to have it available in Canada !!!

COME ON MS ... I have been waiting for the HD download content ... give me access !!

untouchable4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

We need to know when it will be available to Canada. I really cant afford the HD-DVD yet so downloading HD-Movies would be a good idea for now. I hope we get it soon since we live so close to them, i'm hoping around christmas or early Jan.

Lex Luthor4396d ago

haha, that's so true.. i never even thought of that. very,very good point.