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Wii stands triumphantly on top but goes down 5 ranks from 15 days on the charts. Playstantion 3 ranked #12 with 50 days on chart. The XBOX 360 no where in sight.

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specialguest4362d ago

RuneScape?!? why is RuneScape #13 out of all other hot games?

Britney Spears #1 because of the no panties beaver shot. hehe

DEIx15x84362d ago
That is much better and more accurate comparison of the three consoles number of searches. The "Nintendo Wii" is just a hair better than the "Xbox 360" and the "Playstation 3" is way below!

ArmrdChaos4362d ago

Looking at the trend information you will notice alot of interest shown in the United Kingdom. This tells me that they are looking heavily into the Xbox 360 for a possible Xmas purchase in the absence of PS3 units. =)

MicroGamer4362d ago

to show you no steenking searches.

TheMART4362d ago

Good they google the PS3 at least, it's not sold for sure.

Numbers tell the truth

360 might not be googled so much because people can actually play and enjoy it :)

pick Xbox 360 consoles sold


market share:

pick PS3
consoles sold


market share:

Scrumptious4362d ago

now that the world knows the 360 is the greatest console this generation, perhaps people are spreading their searches on the various stellar games for the 360. Just a thought.

I also search a lot for PS3 to read about the miserabel launch and general dissapointment, thus aiding their results.

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