Sony to ship major PS3 firmware update next March

The Sony PlayStation 3 European debut - due to take place in March 2007 - will be accompanied by a major firmware update, a senior Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Europe executive has revealed.

Alas, SCE Europe VP of Technology Paul Holman, cited by Australian website Smarthouse, didn't say what the update will contain, though he alluded to "new features [and] new gaming capabilities".

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Maddens Raiders4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Well I'll be happy when an update is available which will make the PSP totally compatible w/ my console so that I can play my PS3 games "anywhere" - that would be the Shi#. I also like the "other" alternatives in OS support for the future, but just wish MS and SNE would kiss and makeup so that I could run XPPro on my 60g w/o glitches and improprietary handshaking complications. A lil' recycled, but a Good Read =]

Captain Tuttle4364d ago

That's a long time to wait for PS3 owners who have issues today.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4364d ago

good point Captain Tuttle and I thought 360s update every 3 months was bad.

Quisp4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Unless I buy a new HDTV soon, Im not buying a PS3 until 720 issue is fixed. Theres too many games out there already, that are 720p and not 1080i also.
Some poster named spectricidex summed it up well, and I quote:
The PS3 does not need a scaler. If you have an HDTV then your signal is getting scaled all day everyday. HDTV's have native resolutions on them that can never be changed. Meaning, that's right!!! Your non-HD cable box you got plugged into your TV get's scaled up to 1080i. Your PS2?? It get's scaled up to 1080i. Any signal you input into any HDTV get's scaled to native resolution. The problem with the PS3 is that if it detects a 720p resolution missing on your TV then it drops the signal out to 480p, which is promptly scaled by YOUR TV to native resolution. The problem with this? You took a 480p signal up to native when you could have been taking a much more detailed signal of 720p up to native. All Sony has to do is firmware update the part of the code which is causing the PS3 to auto drop the signal down to 480p and the problem is solved. I'm actually quite glad the PS3 doesn't attept to do some bang up "up converter" job. Most videophiles would rather their $2000 TV ,which was made with the specific intent of converting signals to native resoltuion ,do the converting than some cheap $299 game console.
P.S. 1080i is 540 lines of resolution displayed in alternating shots. 720p displays all 720 lines at once and the newer 1080p displays all 1080 lines of resolution at once. But i'm sure you "scaler" experts already knew that.

WhoDey994364d ago

sorry, but whoever posted this needs a few more classes in hdtv 101. not sure where they got their information but if it was that easy i don't think sony would be waiting until March to update this...if they will even update this issue in March.

MicroGamer4364d ago

Sony to ship update to disable Linux so pirates can't continue to hack the PS3 the same way they are hacking the PSP. Firmware 3.01 anybody??

Maddens Raiders4364d ago

totally agree with you Micro on the Linux issue there. I can see the programmers in Def-Con 4 right now srambling to repair the breach. Silly.

Juevani4364d ago

why cant people take this in the good way and just be happy, its 3,5 mounth from now.. its 3 mounths between the updates on the 360, why does nobody mention that one?? damn u console freaks just complain...

shikwan4363d ago

Ummm...MS UPDATES the Live service and usually ADDS or refines services every 3 months. They don't FIX things every 3 months like you would suggest.

They don't waste time to FIX the service IF their update proves faulty either.

MicroGamer4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

They included Linux on the PS3 so they could export them to other countries with less tax by calling them computers instead of video games. If they patch to disable Linux after the units are delivered, aren't they evading taxes?? Sony may be left with a hard choice. Pay the additional tax or leave the operating system as it is. Both are bad news.

DJ4364d ago

I still see the Linux capability as a great feature, and personally can't wait for the PS3 homebrew scene to expand even more.

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