Motorstorm Japanese TVCM

The excellent Motorstorm will be released in less than 2 weeks in Japan, so it was about time for Sony to start a big advertising campaign. That's a good but very short way to discover a few new tracks of this game.

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Scrumptious4362d ago

I thought I was watching a video of Excite-Bike for the N64!

Lex Luthor4362d ago

I was very dissapointed when i saw the clip of the target render vs in game graphics. This game feels and looks very similar to excite bike, it also seems as if it's a cheap ripoff of burnout but in the canyons.

DJ4362d ago

Really, I enjoy fanatic banter as much as the next guy, but seeing the same "it looks like N64" quip over and over gets kind of tiresome.

The game looks amazing, and all the positive previews for the title are proof of what it's achieving in both the graphics and gameplay departments. After playing it, I can confirm that the only thing it shares with burnout is boosting, and even that system is completely different. Or are you simply making the comparison due to the dev's implementation of vehicle damage?

kornbeaner4362d ago

n64, excite bike, damn pure genius, tell me are you the guys who give michael richards his material. If you ever saw the game in person on a HDtv you will be in shock as to how good it looks. i DL'd the demo and it looks good in my cheap $100 dollar TV, and looks nothing short of amazing on Hdtv. The games physics are great, gameplay while, i guess similar in style to burnout (arcade over the top racer) still holds it's own and offer a whole different feel then burnout. Physics are great, no 2 crashes are alike even if it looks like you crashed the same way before. and for the races themselves no 2 are alike either, nothing happens in the same place in 2 races. one race you can totally be kicking ass and never see a crash, then the second race you'll see other racer blow up in front of you and see bikers get runned down or have them flying over you as they are tossed from their bike by A.I. racers. This game is gonna be the next must play for the PS3 next to resistance and share that with heavenly sword. next year.

UrbanJabroni4362d ago

My experience with the download, as well as that of IGN and 1up (including EGM) on their podcasts is one of amazement that this game is as hyped as it is. Resistence is fun and certainly a good title, so I'm not trying to be a fanboy here, but Motorstorm to me (and the editors) really is a ho-hum game that wouldn't be getting any attention if it wasn't for the abysmal launch support.

I just don't see where the hype is coming from on this one, although I'm guessing _any_ PS3 targeted IP is going to be hyped given the lack of titles.

kornbeaner4362d ago

i know that not everybody can agree on a certain title no matter what it is. I myself i like burnout and need for speed and titles of that ilk. But not having titles at launch doesn't make this title look better to me. The feel is extremly solid, i love the demo and can't wait for the release version. Cause if the game were crap to me i wouldn't even talk about it. But lack of games should never really be used as an excuse for a game being hyped. I mean just cause Halo 3 isn't out does that mean that Gears of War isn't a great game because there nothing on the system to compare it to? NO! gears would more then hold it's own against Halo. Cause I myself am on that ship with lair I don't see much on that title that makes me think it's going to be great, Lair to me is the game that should really not be getting any hype, it looks very nice but gameplay looks thin. But yeah I respect your take on the motorstorm demo. but for me i bought need for speed carbon and i still have a lot of fun with the motorstorm demo.

Scrumptious4362d ago

not the greatest with blurry textures. I'll say it again, this game lacks fun. I'm a fan of racers and wanted to be impressed by this game, but it's just boring.