Nintendo to Announce Virtual Boy 2

With the cat out of the bag in regards to Nintendo's next console, is the legendary company looking to also jump into the virtual reality space?

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SlappingOysters1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Nintendo are pretty good at ignoring massive trends, so I'm not sure if this will happen. But I think they would be silly not to. VR is actually looking like a real mainstream success story this time around. It's not even being that stupidly priced out of the gate.

Hands up - who would buy a Virtual Boy 2 (or general Nintendo VR unit) if it meant you could play Zelda/Mario/Metroid in VR?

Septic1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Nintendo tend to be the ones setting trends, not following them.

SlappingOysters1364d ago

True. Looking at the timing, they will have a good chance to at least see how consumer's have bought in with the other VR units before having to commit to production or bundling.

That said, they don't want to be in a situation where a lot of great third-party VR games are being made and they are out in the cold again.

They could always just partner with Oculus or something I guess.

XB1_PS41364d ago

Sometimes, yeah. They do. Other times they attempt to set trends, only to fall flat on their face. I think they would have an advantage over a lot of VR headsets with just the name alone. I hope they hop in. I want massive comparisons of 5-10 VR headsets. I need choices!

Septic1364d ago

"Sometimes, yeah. They do. Other times they attempt to set trends, only to fall flat on their face."

It's part of the risk of innovation I guess. I admire them for trying instead of settling for the status quo.

XB1_PS41364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I see where you're coming from. If someone doesn't come up with new stuff, then no one does.


Honestly, I'd rather them just make a competent gaming console. I would buy one of those quicker than any Wii/Wii U like console.

Give me something with a decent amount of power, a nice controller, and ninty games. I'll be in line, day one.

EDIT: Add on a good online service to my list.

Dark_king1364d ago

@XB1_PS4 "I think they would have an advantage over a lot of VR headsets with just the name alone"
In no way would the Virtual Boy name be a good thing Nintendo sure but Virtual Boy come on.I would think its best to get a way from the Virtual Boy name for them.

Nintendo Reality ,Wii VR are some names that I could see being better from a marketing standpoint.

XB1_PS41364d ago


Eh, The stigma of the Virtual Boy has been long gone. They have a recognizable name. Why change it?

I hope they never, ever use Wii in a name again.

UltraNova1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

"It's part of the risk of innovation I guess. I admire them for trying instead of settling for the status quo."

And here I thought by going mobile and the whole micro-transaction enchilada was actually Nintendo settling for the status quo of easy greedy money...

There's a first time for everything.

Septic1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

"And here I thought by going mobile and the whole micro-transaction enchilada was actually Nintendo settling for the status quo of easy greedy money... "

Good point. I mean traditionally, they have always done their own thing. But yeah, the latest move does seem out of character.

We've yet to see how their mobile plans will work out but yeah, prima facie, it looks like those moves are driven solely for the sake of profitability.

MasterCornholio1364d ago

Thats true but it can be very dangerous especially if the trend doesn't turn out well (Wii U). Well you have to have someone in the industry trying new things. Then when those things become popular the competition will adopt it.

telekineticmantis1364d ago

Nah, Nintendo only tries to differentiate itself when it can't compete. For example the power wars of the 90's was Nintendo following a trend of trying to release the most powerful and graphically intense console, they would make commercials back and forth with sega, taking shts at one another talking about how their console is more powerful,that was until Playstation came out and started to dominate, after realizing they culdnt afford to compete, they turned to the motion control, which was a Sega and Plasystation product, but they did make it trendy for sure.

captainexplosion1363d ago

Lol. It's been a long time since Nintendo were setting trends. Last gen all the innovation was Sony/Microsoft.

PeaSFor1363d ago

dat vitality sensor...

masterfox1363d ago

Yeah Nintendo settings trends....the trends of failing XD

deadpoolio3161363d ago

Uh Nintendo hasn't led trends since the SNES.....The Wiimote/motion controls was stolen from The Wand that was being developed by Sony in 2002 that was being shown in 2002 and patented in 2004 FACT, all they did was dumb down the tech and Sony shelved it until they were happy with how it worked....The gamepad is just jumping on the tablet craze that was already going on....

They don't lead anything anymore, they use other ideas that were in development years before the use it or jump on existing trends....

The only thing Nintendo innovates anymore are their handhelds...

marloc_x1363d ago

Did they not just recently retain the trademark for Virtual Boy?

user55757081363d ago

this rumor could be why their stock just dropped 11%

r2oB1363d ago

@ septic

Or anyone for that matter. I'm curious, what trends have Nintendo set? Besides rushing motion controls to market, I can't think of anything else.

skratchy1363d ago

Yeah, The Power Glove, Virtual Boy and Wiimote... Real trend setting going on there.

AliTheSnake11363d ago

As long as it is not the Wii 2 or the Wii U & Me

roboshort1363d ago

When I try to think of what Sony has really contributed to gaming in terms of innovation, I draw a blank or when I look it up I find it was done before Sony did it. This isn't really to knock Sony, as obviously they have pretty much lead the game industry for the past 20 years so they have definitely done a lot right. But they have played it safe. I think this is best shown by looking at what they have named their home consoles.

UltraNova1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )


To answer on what Sony innovated..

- CD ROM based console done right (ps1),
- DVD and blu ray introduction in consoles (ps2, ps3)and all the benefits that came with their bigger storage capabilities,
- Console multiplayer (socom ps2),
- Remote Play
- Share Play
- Getting something for free on a paid online service (PS plus free games)
- Console VR done right, Project Morpheus (yes it hasn't come out yet, but if I was to take into account of all hands on previews out there I'd say they got this one in the bag)

And other stuff I probably forgot.

Septic1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )


What? That was a weird approach to that list. You talk about things being 'done right' as innovations? Really? And you put online game in there?

CD-ROM based gaming was done before. The PS1 was just a good console.

DVD and BLU-RAY- yup

PS Plus- yes but this was only born because of their compelte failings in the social features of the PS3 which leads us to:

"Console multiplayer (socom ps2)" Er no. What about Dreamcast?

The Xbox is the console that did it, and did it right. It mandated a broadband connection and it really set it off. Plus it had the likes of Halo 2 that single handedly silenced all naysayers about the ability of consoles to do competitive online gaming.

Console VR- lets wait for the thing to come out first.

As for Nintendo- it was always set the trends with touch screen, motion controls which the other two console makers desperately scrambled to incorporate into their consoles and jump on the bandwagon. Then, even with the Wii U tablet, we've seen that kind of extension on both platforms.

Then Nintendo's games themselves have spawned so many pretenders. Their platformers spawned countless imitators, Zelda (remember Dark Cloud?), their party games, their mass-market games like Wii Fitness for instance. There are tons of examples.

sonarus1363d ago

Man sony is getting criticized for not naming their console playstation dolphin or sumthin silly. These xbox fanboys just cant seem to keep sony out of their mouth. I used to be a big time Nintendo fan. I had a N64 loooong before i had a PS1 even though PS1 was out first. What made me switch was when i saw MGS on PS1 for the first time and then i realized Sony was right CD roms are better for making games than lame cartridges. I haven't looked back ever since.

PS1 and PS2 had by far better and more innovative games in my opinion. Microsoft and the Xbox 360 for me just brought the shooter full force into consoles. Now every console game wants to be a shooter or fps and to me nothing innovative about that. I think my greatest dislike about the XBox is my belief that its a shooter console. Yes i know it has more games than just shooters.

Not a big fan of shooters so XBox console just doesn't have as much draw for me as it does for others.

UnHoly_One1363d ago

I don't buy it.

Nintendo is smart enough to know that VR is a fad that is not going to work for gaming.

spartanlemur1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

That was before two things happened.

Firstly we had the phenomenal success of the Nintendo Wii, which had Sony and Microsoft realise that they needed to innovate to win customers.

Secondly we had the "PC Renaissance", which ultimately led to the Oculus Rift, developed by "some guy" getting funded. Nintendo used to be great innovators when it was a battle of the giants, but now we have innovation coming from the ground up, and they are a bit behind.

I don't see what Nintendo can do at this stage beyond take Virtual Reality and do it better, or in a somewhat different way. Perhaps we'll get other senses included with the headset: smell, taste or even sensation on the skin (maybe they can simulate raindrops or something).

VR is the future, and we've all known it since we were kids. If Nintendo are to do anything new, it will be taking a different path to it than Oculus, Sony and Valve.

r2oB1362d ago

@ septic

Actually Sony was working on motion controls before Nintendo, they just didn't make in the primary focus of the console and focused other aspects (smart long term decision). Nintendo likely scrambled to incorporate motion controls into their console which is why they used a subpar means to implement motion controls which was why it was very inaccurate and required the wii motion plus to help (released three years later and still didn't make it as accurate as the move).

Face it, Nintendo is not the trendsetter some people make them out to be in the console space. Their version of motion controls (IR based) did not make any impact on core gaming, and only proved to be a gimmick that deterred core gamers. Some, if not most, of the consoles best games did not really utilize motion controls.

And their current approach to second screen gaming, or remote play, with the Wii u game pad isn't setting any relevant trends. It can't even mirror games too far from the console, so it's not really remote play. It's actually impractical, the game pad needs to be so close to the console that you might as well game on the television.

For the past two console generations Nintendo has made underpowered consoles with the primary focus on technology that does not meaningfully impact core gaming experiences. They are cool for novelty, but that's about it. No trends have been set.

You can do it first, or you can do it right. When it comes to hardware and tech, Nintendo seems to prefer the former. It's rather odd, they seem to be the opposite with software, they take their time and do it right, and it pays off.

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SteamPowered1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

VR is incredibly taxing on hardware. The textures and draw distances needed for good VR experiences is not easy. Plus you have to roughly double the image(one for each eye). Nintendo hasn't built very strong hardware for a few generations now. Unless this virtual boy is a standalone product or they Nintendo really beefs up the power in their next console, I doubt Nintendo will do VR anytime soon.
This article is purely wild speculation about Nintendo following the VR grail.

Ark_1364d ago

Funny thing is, that neither the X1 nor the PS4 is actually strong enough for full VR experiences. Also most PCs out there wont cut it.

It's a tech just emerging. I think it will take another 3-5 years to fully utilize it. It's a next gen thing. It may actually get selling point for the Steamboxes imo.

SteamPowered1364d ago

I can only speak from personal experience with the Rift, but it did work the piss out of my 670 and that was 720p-ish and well under 60fps. The experience was incredible, don't get me wrong, but to get 120fps would take a lot of horsepower or sacrifice textures.
And you are absolutely correct. I have no idea how any console will get VR running unless the headset can augment the consoles power.

Fil1011364d ago

I would but to be honest id be alot happier if they announced a gamecube 2

Mr Marvel1364d ago

VR is a loooong way off ever being mainstream.

Price is going to be a very restrictive boundary, plus there's only been demos so far, no sign of a "killer app" to sell VR to the masses.

_-EDMIX-_1363d ago

"no sign of a "killer app" to sell VR to the masses"

VR needs games yes, but it doesn't need a "killer app" to sell it.

Many, many PS systems show that isn't the case. Gamers come in all shapes and sizes and many different games will likely sell VR vs 1 "killer app"

Funny thing about that.....Sony hasn't really relied on such a thing to sell hardware.

Just cause Halo and Mario sell systems, doesn't mean Sony needs one to get it sold...

They've done fine being diverse, they will do fine being diverse with this system.

Why I buy VR will be different from why others likely buy VR, we all don't need to be buying it for um...1 "killer app".

Whoes to say I won't just buy it to watch porn? lol

elninels1364d ago

They already excel at creating games that make the most out of their hardware. Imagine star fox. It would also be very nice to have a fun, cartoony option for VR. Everything seems to be realistic/gritt right now

N4g_null1363d ago

They don't need their own VR. They just annouced a service that operates on all platforms I care about with VR solutions that I can say are the real deal. oculus rift, and even the mobile VR solutions are pretty good. So ummmm they can just use what others have already built.

Technically the wii was a VR system with out the headset and the wiiu is the VR window idea. So you could argue we are in the nintendo VR landscape now. I mean come on the 3ds is in 3d and even does eye tracking like the hololens LOL.

iluvmaPS31363d ago

You should read the latest article in gameinformer on how Nintendo only follows trends. With amibos, and the wiiU.

deadpoolio3161363d ago

They haven't led a console trend since the SNES...They still do it with their handlelds, but console-wise they borrow heavily and follow trends...

Sony was developing The Wand and showing it off in 2002, it was patented then shelved in 2004 because they were unhappy with it and decided to wait until they could get it working properly...Nintendo clearly liked the demos, and decided to borrow it dumbing down the tech and releasing it as if they thought of it.....

The Wii U was nothing but jumping on the tablet craze and hoping that if they tethered it to a console the tablet lovers would flock to it...And now it sits as their second worst selling console sitting at under 10 million and numbers aren't really improving after almost 3 years.....

They used to lead the way though, the SNES was amazing

_-EDMIX-_1363d ago

Ummmmmmm Eye Toy and light gun games came BEFORE the Wii....

You sure bud? They very much will make a VR device or they will legit lose next gen again as its clear they lost this one pretty big.

Kumomeme1363d ago

they making bussiness..not guarantee success if they just blindly followed this so called massive trend...

better if they stay in their path...making one unique things might be better than just follow the usual flow..well depends,not always going smoothly,but our beloved industry really need innovative idea from them

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1364d ago

I had a Virtual Boy when I was young. I thought it was great.

Septic1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )


jcnba281364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )


I had one of these back in the 90's, it used to give me some serious migraines lol

Der_Kommandant1364d ago

My eyes still hurt to this day