Rumor: PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Pre-Loading Available On March 22nd

One of the most anticipated titles in 2015 will be releasing in less than one week. One March 24th From Software's Bloodborne will be released after development started back in 2012.

For those who buy the game digitally it would seem that the game is scheduled for pre-loading starting March 22nd.

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DrumBeat1366d ago

My body is beyond ready for Bloodborne.

KuroKazuma1366d ago

waht...rumor? Oo its known since weeks... wtf

rdgneoz31366d ago

Yep, if you click on the game in your library, it says pre-loading should start on the 22nd...

MEGANE1366d ago

all I want is my demon souls memories back. So the world might be mended

NewAgeisHere1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I literally search for Bloodborne news and articles every single day...this is addiction before the game's is even out..........and it's all your fault Miyazaki:). Hope the game is as good as it looks.

Miraak82 1366d ago

I've been hyped up for this since it was announced being a demons souls fan ... I've actually avoided all gameplay footage except for the main trailers and reading a few tidbits about the game mechanics .. I don't wanna spoil a thing for myself and the experience will great

FullmetalRoyale1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I'm pretty much the same. I did watch that born of blood(?) trailer and there is this clip of fighting a guy that looks similar to your character(either pvp or some shadow Link thing) and it dropped my jaw how much faster it can be.
I've had it preordered digitally for what seems like a long time(lol), but that was the first time the idea of it being that much faster clicked. I saw alpha gameplay way back when and thought "same great Souls gameplay I know and love." I'm shocked by how incorrect I was, even more so that I like that I was.
Ridiculous. This game is going to be absolutely ridiculous. :D

Loktai1366d ago

We are so dead. all of us.