Media Create sales (3/9 - 3/15)

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware/software sales, including debuts for Yakuza Zero and Mario Party 10.

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TheLyonKing1001d ago

Very excited to play yakuza zero, sony keeping consistent in sales too.

XBO dipping so close to under 300, not suprising but quite sad.

chrismichaels041001d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4's continued and impressive worldwide success. It just goes to show fanboys speak loud...but gamers wallets speak loudest.

Gamer19821001d ago

PS4 game sales catching up to PS3 which is very impressive. So sad though when the Vita TV outsells the Xbox One.. PS4 will succeed PS3 when japanese devs get some balls and drop ps3 versions. MS dropped 360 support on most of its exclusives (not all but most) but sonys major titles still hold onto that ps3 version and right now while ps4 sales are high they can afford to do so. I just think once those ps3 versions dry up ps4 will shoot through the roof in Japan and sell even better around the world.

GribbleGrunger1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

A while back I predicted a 35k weekly average and if it carries on like this I have a good chance of being correct. Japan is now contributing 100k+ to the WW sales every month, which isn't anything to be sniffed at. I still think that average could go slightly higher and perhaps hit 45k on average, excluding the inevitable spikes of course. Let's see what that average is after the initial launches of Bloodborne and FF Type O, which are definitely going to create spikes.

Haru1001d ago

PS4 is crushing all the competition it even outsell the New 3DS wow!

superchiller1001d ago

Wii U is fading away, even in Japan where they usually love gimmicks. Even the PS3 is outselling it.

Shame Nintendo didn't do a better job on the design, they have only themselves to blame for its failure.

Let's hope that Nintendo's next console (if there is one) is better designed, they really can't afford another disaster like the Wii U.

marloc_x1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Vita TV is fading away, even in Japan where they usually love gimmicks.

MasterCornholio1001d ago

Not the PS4 though its selling much better than before in Japan.

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