God of War Collection Developer Working on "Breathtaking Worlds" for Console and Handheld Project

Last month it was noted that Sanzaru Games were looking for new staff to work on an unannounced game for the new consoles and PC platform, however this month we learn that the firm is also working on handheld experiences.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1364d ago

More 3D platformers Please!

bouzebbal1364d ago

i would call them Sly: Thieves in Time developers, or GOW Vita upscalers.

joke aside, color me excited whatever Sanzaru are doing. Give us a next gen Sly please!

DragoonsScaleLegends1364d ago

I'm still hoping someone at Sony realizes that Ape Escape, MediEvil, and The Legend of Dragoon are awesome Games/IPs that they own and fans want more from these series. To be honest the PS4 has made me sick of FPS and Zombie games.

ThatOneRiggaNob1364d ago

Right? You'd think Ape Escape would be a no brainer. One of my favorite games from my childhood.

MegaRay1364d ago

Dunno about medivel and TLOD. But wasnt Ape Escape the best selling franshise Sony own after GT five or six years ago? I bet Vita sales will skyrocket if they released an exclusive Vita game, or even a PS4/Vita

InahimeHondaSengoku1364d ago

But I thought Sony said no more first party games for the Vita? D:

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

the developer made a few games on 3DS

Sonic Boom to name one lol

InahimeHondaSengoku1364d ago

So is Sanzaru the only vita developer that is supporting the vita? o.o

Bytor1364d ago

No they never said that they said there won't be as many first party games right now they are going to concentrate on third party support I'm sure they have unfinished games they could be outsourcing to finish.

vergilxx31364d ago

They said "less" not "NONE"

InahimeHondaSengoku1364d ago

Sorry about that, I didn't get the memo. xD

BC_Master_Haze1364d ago

This is tagged as PC because?..

Rockets121364d ago

Sometimes actually reading the article answers your question.

"Early last month we reported that Sanzaru Games are working on something for PS4/Xbox One and PC"

BC_Master_Haze1364d ago

Ah I see, I just saw handheld and console in the title :P my bad

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