Raptr is phasing out console support

Raptr has emailed its users stating that it intends to phase out console support on its website and has decided to "focus our resources on PC gaming exclusively.".

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KrisButtar1129d ago

Last time I was on Raptr was when I was new to the Internet

stavrami1129d ago

Who the hell is raptr and why should I care?

DonkeyDoner1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

you play game and you got a point that you can convert to a game or a discount amd gpu
or ignore it cause Sony and MS giving more games than this crap

Software_Lover1129d ago

Raptr...... Man, I forgot about that. It was more of a hassle. I didn't reinstall it when I refreshed my pc about a year ago. Good luck to them.

SnakeCQC1129d ago

raptr is pure crap the gaming evolved stuff is also shitty

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