Halo 3: Trailer gallery - 20 new screens

Twenty screens showing off the return of the Master Chief in all his CGI glory. Check out the new shield grenade as the man in green looks to take cover whilst standing his ground. And is that a throng of Brutes at the end, or something else?

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power of Green 4388d ago

Only the very end after Cheif jumps is the only part that looks like ingame because Bungie said CGI and ingame will be part on the ad. Pay close attention to the part after he jumps.

Schmitty074388d ago

Bungie said it was CGI, there is no ingame stuff in there except for the fact that everything is modeled off of Halo3 models.

The trailer is still sick. I've watched a bunch of times after DL'ing the trailer from the marketplace. This trailer got me to go play Halo 2 again.

I can't believe I have to wait another year!!!

I'm hoping I can get in the Spring beta!!

Smellslikepie4388d ago

Nuh-uh, they said it was a mix of CGI and Live Action. They never said it was gameplay. Or at least I've never come across them saying that, can you link me please?

power of 360 4388d ago

jump in is the advert for the xbox 360 so maybe the clue is in the ad when he jumps in at the end thats the bit wheres it in game so to me looking at the 60 seconds ad the cgi looks the same a the in game graphics