New Xbox One App Aims to Improve Matchmaking

That's the pitch for Overdog, a new "interest-based" matchmaking game service for Xbox One. The company behind the service, also called Overdog, today launched the "first-of-its-kind" platform on Microsoft's new console, aiming to allow" Who doesn't want that?

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nicksetzer11218d ago

From what I have seen of it, it seems like a user created advertising database. Pretty much like facebook. It allows users to "like" things to share with others, but in reality the goal is likely just data collection for marketing.

JoGam1218d ago

So you're saying it doesn't really help with Matchmaking per say?

nicksetzer11218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Not really, it simply gives you a list of people that are playing any specific game. (Pick them based on what you "like")It is not part of the actual matchmaking for any game.

Eonjay1218d ago

Well that seems like smart marketing from a business perspective.

However, I did get a chance to speak with some folks who worked for Xbox Live and Xbox Marketing (Kinect) recently and all I can say is that the people doing the ground work for Xbox Live are great folks.

Samsara821218d ago

It's like a free dating service for gamers and you have a percentage of profile compability ( based. On interests and games played)and you can add peop'e to your friend's list if you wish

Satyre281218d ago

I have been using it for awhile now from the preview program. It is actually really nice, you basically put your interests could be games, shows, movies etc. You put what game you want to play and it will bring up people that have same interest as well as what game they want to play and with a click of the button you can open their profile to friend, party, group etc. Its a really good way actually to meet some people, ive already become pretty good friends with a handful from this app.

Bigpappy1218d ago

I am not really an online gamers, as I mostly play multi-player with people I know.

Having said that, I am right now not seeing any real need for the app, as when I do get the rear urge to play online with strangers, I just search for a game and booya, I am in and playing. The whole dating service stigma is a major turnoff for me personally.

WCxAlchemist1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Ive Noticed i get paired up those who actually ommunicate. Its Like BF4 is a new game playing with those who arent mutes. Overdogg try it out its Free

Edit: 2b honest im a mute but nice 2hear others call out enemies LoL

hkgamer1218d ago

it sounds good, but at the same time it could be someones worst nightmare. imagine being matched up with someone you dislike all the time, or a stalker of some kind.