The Art of Ori and the Blind Forest

When lead artists Max Degen and Johannes Figlhuber began work on Ori and the Blind Forest, they were tasked with bringing to life a world that simply didn’t yet exist. “In the beginning, we had just very rough block-outs – you had your character and you could run around, but the game itself was just black-and-white silhouettes,” Figlhuber recalled. “We had to find something to bring all of this light to life, and to create something with some story to it.”

From early on, the team was inspired by classic hand-drawn animated movies, including “Princess Mononoke,” the classic Studio Ghibli film. “I just love the world they created, and this depth,” said Figlhuber. “The prince is an outsider in this world, and he’s not really wanted there – we kinda wanted to get this feeling for Ori. We want you to feel like a visitor in our strange and beautiful world.”

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