Final Fantasy: Ranking the Games

Final Fantasy XV is on the way, so Den of Geek decided to rank every main Final Fantasy game up to XIV!

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Geobros1040d ago

FF X was just amazing!! I think though that is a little unfair for FF V to be in 9th position, a very wonderful game too.

hkgamer1040d ago

i think most ff games are great so it is really hard to rank them in order. rank 9/14 seems bad but if you see the games above it then its not as bad i guess.

TheLyonKing1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

for me it goes:
Best to worst (main series)
11 (never played)

Its not a ranking of qaulity more of so how much I enjoyed it, theres no wrong answer.

I_am_Batman1040d ago

I can't compare them like that but if I'll group some of them I can make a personal tierlist:

God Tier: VII, VIII, IX

Can't decide between the three of them. The PSOne era is by far my favorite FF era and all of those games are among my favorite games of all time.

High Tier: FFVI

Just under the three god tier games. I'd still consider it one of my favorite games it just doesn't quite reach the same level as the 3D PSOne games for me personally.

Mid Tier: X, FFXIII

This one is a bit conroversial as a lot of people love FFX but for some reason it didn't really connected to me in the same way. On the other hand most people would rank FFXIII much lower but I did like it. Those are both enjoyable FF games for me but not on the same level as the ones in the higher tiers.

Low tier: XII

Didn't like it at all. Never got far into the game because I copuldn't connect to the characters and didn't find the plot interessting. The MMO-like battle system turned me off as well.

HeavenlySnipes1040d ago

If you look at just the battle command system between 7 and 12, the only difference between the 2 is that you can move around in 12

Both use ATB

Gamer19821040d ago

The best game for most people will be all about when they were born and where they are from. If your from outside japan and america it will probably be 7 or later depending on which you played first. If your from USA its probably 6 as you guys got to play that game. Japan is a massive toss up.. Again its about though your first FF game modern day gamers wont choose FFVII as they will see the graphics and not want to play and therefore not enjoy.

For me my first was FFVII i'm from UK and therefore its probably my it was my fave. I had never played a game like that before with so much depth and ability to sink hours into. I had a save same with over 200 hours. My brothers first FF game was FFVIII and thats his fave. Not always your first is your fave but it's totally about your gamer generation.

Relientk771040d ago

I facepalmed when I saw it that low on the list

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1040d ago

VIII should and always be number one.

Relientk771040d ago

Final Fantasy 6-10 are the best, in my opinion. 9 is my personal favorite, then 8 and 10

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The story is too old to be commented.