Dualshock PSP mod

More often than not the best ideas are the most simple. Which is what makes this clever little blighter so damn clever. Rather than go to the trouble of fitting an ugly thumb-stick appendage to the side of his PSP, he has figured out how to connect a PS2 dualshock controller to it via the USB port.

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MicroGamer4393d ago

It's too dark and fuzzy to be absolutely certain that the DS2 is actually connected to the PSP and is controlling it. I'd have to see how he did it and be able to try it for myself before I believe it. You would think it would be easier to connect a sixaxis, anyway since it has a mini-USB port on it just like the PSP.

Maddens Raiders4393d ago

I dunno Micro - looks real to me. Sounds like he might've lost some audio output during the connection - phase, but he's probably glad he didn't brick the damn thing! Now only if we could hire this kid to wire our PS3's the same way -- ahh the possibilities would be endless. Ok - here's the official countdown: How long will it be before SNE gives in and supports rumble? Next quarter? Next Christmas. One things for sure -- it's gonna come -- its gotta come.

kornbeaner4393d ago

but i don't think they will support it directly. i think what is gonna happen if we want rumble is they are gonna let third party companies release controlers with rumble and patch the system to support rumble, so that way they don't have to pay rights to the company they got sued by in the first place. but i doubt sony is gonna make a sixaxis dual shock any time soon but i really hope they do.