Wii gets nearly double PS3's attach rate in Japan

Nintendo's of Japan's rosy Wii launch looked even rosier today as Media Create unveiled preliminary sales figures giving the machine a 1.8 attach rate, trouncing the PS3's "I'm only buying it to sell on Yahoo auctions" 0.98 attach rate. While this may seem low compared to the States, it's a lot better than the Japanese Cube's 1.2 launch attach rate and the Japanese DS's paltry 0.89. The top ten games and hardware sales were:

Wii hardware: 350,358
Wii Sports: 176,167
Wii Play: 174,297
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: 139,011
Odoru Made in Wario: 63,954
Swing Golf Pangya: 12,908
Ennichi no Tatsujin: 10,763
Red Steel: 9,392
SD Gundam SCAD Hammers: 9,226
Tamagotchi Pika Pika Daitouryou: 8,042
Elebits: 5,791

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DC RID3R4394d ago

NOT such a good look for sony @ the mo tho :(

calderra4394d ago

1) Stop quoting that stupid site- it has no basis in reality.
2) PS3 hasn't shipped as many units, so they couldn't possibly compete in sales no matter what the demand is.
3) You suck.
4) The attach rate says all there is to say- leave it at that.

PS360WII4394d ago

calderra? what the hey?
1) you don't get to decide which gaming site is news worthy
2) despite how many units one system has the amount of games bought are still an average
3) ditto
4) saying the attach rate is better than ps3 is just a point of reference really. You could say that 360 is still kicking both butts over games sold with the system

THE TRUTH4394d ago

Hardware sells and attach rate ratio in Japan?

Next gen wars is NOT a creditable site! They have no proof of where they get their info from! Gow would they have up to the minute stats on how many consoles are sold worldwide?

The point is Nintendo and its wii console are selling like crazy! At this rate they will completely smash all records for consoles sold in a launch window! Its also important to note Nintendo is making a profit off of every unit sold from day 1!

Nintendo is the only company that has got it right from day 1! A lot of consoles avalible a lot of hype and a great price, not to mention its name recongition as it appeals most to this time of year! And they have a AAA everyone knows avalible at launch in Zelda

Good job Nintendo!!!!!

MicroGamer4394d ago

that Wii buyers are true gamers. All those PS3's probably went straight to ebay.

rigo924394d ago

So far, I had never before seen such a flawless launch as the Wii's, yup there were a few glitches, faulty systems, etc... but that HAS to happen. They sold what they shipped, always made a profit and didnt have to give refunds. GREAT JOB NINTENDO!!! btw, that website (nexgen wars) is more or less accurate since the wii has sold 600K in US and 350K in Japan, so its kinda close.