PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Screenshots Show Super-Cool Greatsword, Stunning and Eerie Environments

New leaked Bloodborne screenshots revealed a super cool new weapon, and some really beautiful environments.

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Rask1099d ago

And now comes the part where this website hypes the game to the death.

MasterCornholio1099d ago

Everyone's hyped about this game.


chrismichaels041099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Im hyped for this game too. I was hooked on the original Demons Soul (beat it on New Game ++ mode). I cant wait to get into Bloodborne. Definitely another solid addition to the PS4 exclusive library this month along with HellDivers and MLB15 The Show.

Master-H1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Also the part where you click on the articles and comment, when you could have simply ignored them.

The article has cool new screenshots inside that I'm sure other people beside that are looking forward to the game will appreciate.

Personally I've been looking forward to this game since I beat the first Dark Souls , and everything I've seen or heard about it so far has been overwhelmingly positive, so the hype is definitely justified for this one, in my opinion.

DigitalRaptor1099d ago

There's nothing wrong with hyping this game, as the results have never been poor.

The only death will be the obvious kind.

andibandit1099d ago

GOGO Abriael

One BB article per hour, I know you can do it....

boodi1099d ago

is called " advertising "
or blandly , promotion
is for the masses

1099d ago
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Bathyj1099d ago

That is a great sword.

uth111099d ago

Nice sword! What do the other 5 weapons look like? :). /s

uptownsoul1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Its already been confirmed that there are AT LEAST 14 trick weapons & 12 off-hand weapons: "One playthrough yielded 14 unique trick weapons and 12 off-hand weapons, BUT THERE ARE MORE OF BOTH CATEGORIES IN THE GAME, as the player didn’t unlock the related trophies for getting all of them. One of the weapons does not transform, but does something “very cool."

Source: ( 2nd bullet point)

breakpad1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

although the number is still small, Demon Souls has over 70+ weapons excluding the shields...i know that most of BB weapons are transforming but i hope the number to be at least double than this

LeoStronda1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )


You'll get seriously disagree'd. But i played all Souls, loved them, and i agree with you.

assdan1099d ago

@breakpad. Based on what I'm seeing, i think there are going to be 40 or so weapons. While looking at a lot of them, I noticed that the majority seemed to be strengrh based, which ignores to other stats that can be scaled to. Plus if vitality builds are still a thing, and there are non scaling weapons potentially.

uth111099d ago

lots of sarcasm-impared people from the disagrees, lol :P

MasterCornholio1099d ago

Does this weapon have a smaller blade within it like the hammer?

T2X1099d ago

I thought for sure the next commenter would talk about the graphics downgrade. LOL!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

There isn't a graphics downgrade and in fact it has been upgraded. There is also a day one patch that will boost graphics and performance further on release day.

starchild1099d ago

Apparently that's mostly reserved for multiplat titles, even ones that haven't been downgraded. Claims of downgrades aren't allowed for exclusives.

MasterCornholio1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

"Claims of downgrades aren't allowed for exclusives."

They are and there have been many claims of downgrades to exclusive games like Ryse and Forza 5 for example.

Nothing wrong with making the claims as long as they are true. And there's no issue with making them about Wii U and PS4 exclusives. But so far there hasn't been any issues with downgrades on those systems and in the PS4s case many times the games get upgraded like Bloodborne for example.

P.S The only reason why I used Ryse and Forza 5 as an example is because they are the most obvious ones. If anyone knows any other example of downgraded exclusives feel free to post them.

T2X1098d ago

I was being sarcastic, LOL!

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