Ori and The Blind Frost: All Collectibles Location Guide Part-1

Need to find every collectible in Ori and The Blind Frost, Life Cells, Energy Cells, Ability Cells and ability points which grants ability cell to learn more abilities. In the guide below you will see their location on the map.

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AbhishekGIS1220d ago

Thanks was struggling to find few of those.

GearSkiN1220d ago

The game has problems, couple of people are getting stuck, sadly I'm one of them, stuck in the lock room of hover grove ;/

maybelovehate1220d ago

stuck as in the game is frozen or there is no path out?

DemonSlayer4201220d ago

No path out. Game is broken, DO NOT BUY.

DemonSlayer4201220d ago ShowReplies(5)
Kingdomcome2471220d ago

I'll try to help again. Where exactly are you? Can you post a video link, or describe it in detail. Hover Grove isn't a place within the game.

uth111220d ago

Blind frost? Is that a sequel already? /s

maybelovehate1220d ago

No, don't do it.. Finding them is part of the fun!

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