Atari devs dissect Yars’ Revenge, Adventure, Atari’s woes

Like other Game Developers Conferences in the past, this year's made sure to include a few meaty "post-mortem" panels hosted by legendary game designers. And with Atari—er, what remains of it—celebrating a huge 40th anniversary this year in the form of Pong's first home edition, the company's home console developers took center stage in the post-mortem pool.

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SniperControl982d ago

I grew up with Atari, amazing times, i do truly miss those days.

coolbeans981d ago

There's definately a lot of history that comes with that company.

In a wider context, it's also interesting for me, as someone who grew up with games much later, to see a whole spectrum of gamer culture on the internet that have essentially been there since the unofficial beginning*. It's a strange quality that no other medium has a right to say they have.

*Technically, Atari isn't the very beginning but you get the idea.

uth11982d ago

I can't believe how much replay value 'Adventure' had!

Godmars290982d ago

You had no quality standards. You set poor examples of the quality standards you didn't have. You went out of business because the relatively small gaming market got fed up with buying poor quality games, and stopped buying them. And despite several other consoles, all of them with no standard of quality, the industry only came back and grew because Nintendo introduced standards of quality. Their seal.

3-4-5982d ago

Kind of true really.

Atari was my first system...Loved it but once I got a NES there was no looking back.

ThatArtGuy981d ago

Nintendo had their own way of suppressing the industry as well with their limitations on how many games could be made for the system by one company a year, and the totalitarian agreements that the third party couldn't put out the game for any other platform for a year.

Both were relaxed later after the Genesis started tearing down the NES's near monopoly.

Godmars290981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

Which left room for Sony to expand on most every level, inadvertently, because they had to be better to beat Nintendo.

Now however, three to four generations later while there's overemphasis on graphics gameplay has suffered. Because publishers believe that games have to be out sooner than possible and everyone plus their grandparents are making them, there really is no standard of quality.

If you s**t it out and call it a game, its a game.