PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne's Screenshots Reveal Crazy New Weapons, Classy Armor and Beautiful Graphics

Quite a few screenshots of Bloodborne were leaked online, they're relatively spoiler-free story wise, but they do show unannounced weapons.

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ShugaCane1040d ago

I got that vibe from 6th gen's pure adventure games, which is awesome.

Can't wait for this game.

Abriael1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

You and me as well. I've played some of it two days at From and I can't say a word about it until tomorrow, but yeah. I want more.

StrayaKNT1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

I cant wait for this game too its my most anticipated ps4 game this year but you seriously gave the order and driveclub a 8.5 so everyone in the gaming community knows your score will be a 10/10 automatically.

Theres no if's or buts is definately getting a 10/10 and that doesnt bother im happy i cant wait to play it i just think reveiwers shouldnt be biased about which consoles they prefer.

MasterCornholio1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )


I think a lot of people will give this game a 10/10 and it has nothing to do with The Order 1886 or Drive club.

Anyways why would it bother you if Abriael gave this game a 10/10?

Master-H1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Yo, Abriael, does the review embargo lift tomorrow, or just an embargo for info jurnos got from attending EGX and other events and behind the scenes stuff ?

Abriael1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

@Master: tomorrow it's just the embargo for previews.

@AussieGamer1: Funny to hear about 10/10's and crap like that. I never gave a 10/10 in 17 years.

The fact that I scored higher games that you didn't like, it doesn't mean those scores are given automatically, or that my opinion is less legit than yours.

As a matter of fact, given your usual tone, it's doubtful that you've ever played them, so your opinion is probably more "automatic" than mine, and we all know why.

nucky641040d ago

I thought the order was an 8.4, so, I'd say you were pretty accurate.
on topic - looking at those screens just kills me - I want this game SOOOOOOOO bad!

StrayaKNT1040d ago

Actually I have played them and where did I say I didn't like them Lol did you make that up? and what the hell are you talking about giving my usual tone have you ever seen me write a fanboy response or diss any ps4 game? Are you making all of this up? It's just funny you rate the order 8.5 when clearly there was so much room for improvement you were one of the most lenient towards it and it's funny that you rate driveclub the same as Fh2 when clearly Fh2 was in another league (my personal favourite racer ever) why I'm saying this is because they clearly could have been better in alot of ways and you rate average games with above average scores and then get above average games and give them average scores. It is CLEARLY because you favour the ps4 and I don't really care what you think I'm a proud ps4 owner from day one so don't come telling me that my opinion is more automatic it's a joke I appreciate all games for what they are but as a reviewer you should be fair to all games and consoles. Anyways I hope you enjoy bloodborne because I know I will too.

Abriael1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

@AussieGamer1: Unfortunately for your sad conspiracy theories, the game that got closest to getting a 10/10 for me (and still got 9.5, because we don't have .1 decimals, unfortunately) was Animal Crossing for 3DS.

Looking at all my 9.5 in the past few years, which is the highest score I've ever given, there's one for 3DS, 1 PS Vita, 1 PC, 1 Wii and 2 multiplats (both played on PC, for the record).

SO Much PS4 (or PlayStation) favor, rite? The only PlayStation exclusive game that scored among the highest I had was Persona 4 Golden, and I challenge anyone to argue it deserves any less.

Historical data does not lie. You, on the other hand...

A game having room for improvement doesn't mean it should be rated low, and your comparison between FH2 and Driveclub is hilarious.

First of all, because they're two completely different games, and comparing them directly is as proper as comparing Skyrim and Dark Souls, and secondly because you somehow think that since a game is your "personal favourite racer ever" it should be rated higher than another by others.

The keyword is "Personal."

They've been rated the same score because both have perks and flaws that weigh pretty much the same.

Actually, the correct tense would be "had," because Driveclub has been improved a lot more than FH2 did, and at it would be over 9, bordering a 9.5, if it was released as it is now.

You may want not to invent biases for others about whom you know nothing, and look at yourself instead.

Forn1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

I need Bloodborne in my veins!

chrismichaels041040d ago

I was hooked on the original Demons Soul (beat it on New Game ++ mode). I cant wait to get into Bloodborne. Definitely another solid addition to the PS4 exclusive library this month along with HellDivers and MLB15 The Show.

ThanatosDMC1039d ago

Someone was streaming the game yesterday on Ustream then got banned at 52m.

XBLSkull1039d ago

First game I'm actually excited about on PS4, can't wait to play it. I don't have my PS4 hooked up, does anyone know if it is available to pre-load yet?

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MasterCornholio1040d ago

Looks better than I thought it would.

nX1040d ago

It's definitely a big step up from the Souls games in terms of world design, atmosphere and attention to detail. The weapon and armor designs are top notch as well, I think this will be the first true masterpiece of this generation :)

MasterCornholio1040d ago

With Darksouls 2 the downgraded the visuals right before release. But with Bloodborne they actually upgraded them. I mean I shouldn't be surprised since that happens with most PS4 exclusives but I still am.

Anyways I'm happy to hear that they fixed the framerate as well. Good bye blight town.


bmwfanatic1040d ago

Well time for me to go dark. Scared to even look at articles now I remember people ruining heavy rain in the comments section when it released.

DEEBO1040d ago

I remembered when that happen some jerk had his profile name the same as the

I still played it because games you are in control of the action even in a game like heavy rain.

I remembered when demon souls came out and i needed a new game,gamers on n4g where giving such a great feedback on that i had to see what hype was glad that i did now the rest is history.

Bloodborne day1

nucky641040d ago

yea - definitely not looking at "early player" crap.

DigitalRaptor1040d ago

FromSoft aren't exactly known for their graphics, but damn it's definitely improved. The artwork and visual design here is just impeccable.

Can't wait for the first masterpiece of next-gen! :)

Vegamyster1040d ago

Hard to say if it's improved based on the those screens, all but 1 of them are pretty low res. As long as there isn't a Blighttown framerate wise I'll be happy lol.

Summons751040d ago

8 days! why must we suffer for 8 more days!

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