Concept art for Disney's cancelled iOS/Android Kingdom Hearts game revealed

Yesterday, we discovered that Disney was developing a Kingdom Hearts title for iOS and Android in 2013 called Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys, which has since been cancelled. Today, we've found out via Philip Cruden's LinkedIn page that the company Go For Launch Productions, also known as GFL Animation Studios, were in charge of creating locations and character designs for Disney Interactive's upcoming Kingdom Hearts online game between September 2011 and March 2013.

The official website for GFL Animation Studios has two pages about their work for Disney Interactive and Kingdom Hearts, and these pages contain a huge amount of information, as well as over 100 pieces of concept art for the cancelled title. The two pages are titled "Disney Kingdom Hearts" and "Kingdom Hearts App Game", and together seem to show a very rough, initial concept for GFL's vision of Disney Interactive's Kingdom Hearts game.

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Snookies121162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Thank goodness. Don't screw up the Kingdom Hearts universe with phone games please. Saw some info on this the other day, and it had some kind of cool concept art, but this is too grand a series to waste on mobile devices. Sucks enough that they already did one, not to mention made an internet browser game.

MegaRay1162d ago

Yeah. If anything, they should fund SE to make Vita/3ds game with Nomura incharge.

Chapter111162d ago

Yeah, because the hundreds of handheld games (and the mobile game that already exists) didn't already screw up the franchise.

Blackleg-sanji1162d ago

Those world choices were top notch better make it to kh3

Agent_00_Revan1162d ago

Agreed. Would love to see Wreck It Ralph in a KH game.

skulz71162d ago

I don't believe we haven't had a vita KH game yet :(

vork771162d ago

Can we get a Kingdom hearts MMO

Kalebninja1161d ago

welp looks like we know which worlds have a super high chance for kh3 since they were chosen before.