Ori and The Blind Frost: Life Cells and Energy Cells Location Guide

Life cells allow Ori to retain the more vitality. Finding more life cells will increase your life and chance to survive. Energy Cells allow Ori to collect and use energy. Remember that you can use energy to create a Soul Link and also for save your game.

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Toiletsteak1163d ago

I had so much fun with this game, it was that good i am on my second play through, i want to get all the achievements but the one where you have to complete the game without dying is going to be really hard.

SniperControl1163d ago

Got it on Steam the other day, not played it yet, but from what i hear from various people, cant wait to play it.

t-hall7851163d ago

you will definitely enjoy. played through 2x. only achievements i didn't care to get were: beat in under 3 hours. beat without dying and another one i forget right now. 20 well spent.