Top 10 Fixes for Ori and the Blind Forest Crash, Black Screen, Error, Freezing, Slow, Lag, Controls

Here are the Top 10 fixes to some of the common crashes and issues users have experienced in Ori and the Blind Forest on Steam/PC.

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slasaru011071d ago ShowReplies(2)
Dewitt1071d ago

Can't wait for the water glitch fix, I refuse to start over. So I'll just wait it out.

ShowanW1071d ago

I have Orin on Xbox One, and have yet to experience and issues. Granted I'm only 2-3hrs into the game, but all I've got so far is an amazing game.

starchild1071d ago

That's good to hear. It's an awesome game. I'm playing on PC and I haven't encountered any issues either.

hangdang1071d ago

This is strange. I'm three and a half hours in and the only minor annoyance I've found is the game switching to windowed mode when I alt tab out of the game. But that's quickly fixed with an alt+enter

Tedakin1071d ago

I beat it on Xbox One and never had any issues. There's the occasional frame drop for a split second when you jump some times but that's all I saw.

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