Jesus Christ RPG Announced

Hardcore Gamer: First, there was Jesus Christ. Then, Jesus Christ Superstar. Now, there is Jesus Christ RPG!

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slappy5081222d ago

Jesus went 1080p for your sins

Panzerkanzler1222d ago

That's lame, I'd expect at least 4k from the sky daddy :(

ChrisW1222d ago

Not just that! He went 1080p @ 60fps for your sins... er... at least until that is no longer a bar for standards.

ltachiUchiha1222d ago

If its made by an atheist, u know its all bad.

itsjustexuma1222d ago

An Atheist can create an amazing game based on a certain religion

MicDude1222d ago

Ever hear of a guy named Edmund Mcmillen? He makes great games

xabmol1222d ago

If it's made by an atheist it might actually be a fun game.

ChrisW1222d ago

Not just more fun, but more realistic!!!

xabmol1222d ago


Seriously? Jesus Herbert Walker Christ, you must have no sense of humor at all!

ltachiUchiha1222d ago

Ok so lets say your dad was a retired soldier and he has done so many great things for our country and alot of people respect him and here comes a guy that wants to create a story on your dad but he never believed in wars and do not like soldiers because he believes wars are not the way to solve problems so he creates a game of your dad and adds and edits things out from the original story and adds things he preferred to make your dad look bad instead of being this hero the game twists the story making him look like a villain yet like some of u said aslong as the game is good its all good but what about those who looked up to him? Does it make it right for him to ruin someones image because of his beliefs? Thats all im saying.

xabmol1222d ago

Calm yer christ crutches...

And that persons dad actually existed, in this what if, so... Not a very good example. Plus that shit happened to Batman and he's doin' alright.

360ICE1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

So imagine that you got convicted to death and had your sentence reaffirmed but thousands of people. Then you were whipped and had to carry the device that's going to kill you for miles. Then you got tortured and died on the cross.

And then 2000 years later some person on a website insults you by saying that you can't handle a video game being made about you. That would just be the final insult to me.

Give this guy a video game, already.

ltachiUchiha1222d ago

All im saying is I dont mind at all if their is a game about Jesus Christ, in fact I would not mind playing a game about him but as a christian I am skeptical about who is creating the game. If anyone has been up to date with your movies, a few bible movies have been created and they turned out quite disappointing and after doing research, it figures the directors were atheist's.

Tell me this, why would an atheist someone who doest not believe in god create a movie about the bible especially when they dont believe in it? Thats why im skeptical.


I wasn't saying im against whoever is creating this game of Jesus Christ, im hoping it ain't created by an atheist because its obvious why I would be skeptical but even so I ain't going to get mad over it.

360ICE1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Do we have to believe in the subject matter to create movies about it? We make movies about trolls, ghosts, nordic, greek and roman mythology all the time, often to great result. Do the directors believe in any of that?

I'm an atheist/agnostic, but I thought The Prince of Egypt was a spectacular, brilliant movie. I've always found the stories of Jesus and Moses to be fascinating, even if I don't believe in them.

It seems completely illogical to me that any myth, saga or story is free for all, until it's the ones you happen to believe in.

Also, of the religious movies that have come out over the last years, isn't really Exodus: Gods and Kings the only one directed by an atheist? (It's the only one I can think of, anyway)

Maybe it would be good for you to have some barriers broken and see how different religions and cultures approach the stories of your religion.

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rainslacker1221d ago

Mel Gibson is some kind of Christian, and Passion of the Christ is a horrible movie.

Religious affiliation has nothing to do with talent to produce a work of art.

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Revengeance1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Just keep in mind, Ken Levine, maker of the Bioshock games is also an atheist. Made one of the best games of last generation.

paul-p19881221d ago

The internet was invented by an Atheist, as were a surprising amount of everyday items we use. Would you stop using them all/claim they were bad once you found their inventors had no religious affiliation?

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slappy5081222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

New perk unlocked: walking on water

ValKilmer1222d ago

This one's not going to have a happy ending.

WeAreLegion1222d ago

It does have a happy ending. Read the story again.

kalkano1222d ago

It's the happiest ending imaginable.

WCxAlchemist1222d ago

HOLY Sh!rt. I wonder what God thinks of this.

xabmol1222d ago

Just got off the phone with Osiris. He says its cool.

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