Why You Should Give Titanfall Another Shot

IGN: With the game's DLCs now made free of charge, one IGN editor argues why Titanfall cannot be missed."

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generalthadeape1104d ago

Played TitanFall last night after a very long hiatus and noticed that Respawn had added loads of new game play modes and the free map packs are icing on the cake.

People are still playing this game and it is still competitive as hell.

Another thing that TitanFall does well is the matchmaking. So many times our matches would end with the difference between winning and losing would be 10 points or less.

With matches consistantly that close, I'd say the Respawn really hit the nail on the head as far as matchmaking goes.

In fact, I have never seen an online game "get" matchmaking better than this game-- period.

Activemessiah1104d ago

Would love to but 2 problems: Origin and EA.

urwifeminder1104d ago

Sweet they made the pc dlc free very cool.