The Verge: PlayStation Vue to Launch Within the Next Two Weeks

Sony’s cloud-based TV service, PlayStation Vue, is set to roll out within the next two weeks.

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S2Killinit1101d ago

My take on this is that Sony is not planning on competing with Netflix type services, or cable alternatives that are cheap but are limited in number of channels, they are aiming to provide larger selection of channels just like you would get with regular Cable TV, for slightly cheaper than Cable TV, while offering the Netflix type instant streaming, in effect replacing the need to "record" things on your DVR because now everything is capable of being watched instantly, or live.

just_looken1101d ago

umm yeah please do research this is the future of cable there are 3 services like this.

Its cable but each channel is streamed live and you can record pvr style to the cloud. The only difference between this and cable is the box which is gone these services only require the app and internet everything else cable does is in the cloud.

ps4fanboy1101d ago

Hope they do a month free , I may be interested....

SolidGear31101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Yeah I could get behind this depending on price because all I use is Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

S2Killinit1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

It might not be for you if you arent paying for cable/dish. They have speculated that Sony will not be competing with these types of services. The Vue is for people like me who are paying over $100 a month for Cable tv. They have said that the offerings will be similar to cable in scope but will cost $50-80/month with the added benefits of streaming capabilities in addition to watching live. In other words you will no longer have to actually record an episode you want. And you will not be limited to your DVR storage since you can just stream any program any time.

Im just mentioning this because often times people compare apples to oranges and then they are dissapointed when they realize that it will be more expensive than they thought.
The Vue will cost similar to cable (but lower) and will be offering "current" tv programming unlike netflix/amazon which tend to have older movies/seasons.

Vue is more like a better cable. Cable 2.0 if you will. (And probably more fair too)

Whitey2k1101d ago

y does Europe always gets screwed :( hell u got psnow and soon be getting vue us from uk aint even recieved psnow

uth111101d ago

it's only 3 cities for now, so most Americans can't use it yet either

Ultr1101d ago

We will get psnow this year :)

FarEastOrient1100d ago

Licensed content in Europe is very fragmented.

WeAreLegion1101d ago

So excited to try this out.

SmokingMonkey1101d ago

Me too! this could be my TV provider, over Netflix/Hulu if the price is right.

$19.99 a month?

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The story is too old to be commented.