What can save Titanfall 2?

Destructoid:"I absolutely adored Titanfall, but going by the comments and blogs I've read over the past year, it seems like I'm the only person on Earth who did. Every article, news post, or blog written about the game invariably becomes a celebratory dance on its grave in the comments. While a lot of the ire is chalked up to hype backlash, a schadenfreude-rich reaction against all the positive preview coverage the game received pre-launch, I think it's safe to say the problems go deeper. Snarky comments are one thing, but it's hard to explain the empty servers, tepid response to updates, and lack of longevity without acknowledging that something about the game just didn't work."

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n4gamingm1221d ago

That and more variety of mechs and weapons. I also wish they have a big team mode 16vs16

Foehammer1221d ago

Campaign would be great

As would a Haloesque Big Team Battle

I was unaware the the highest rated FPS needed saving

I was also unaware that a game that sells 20% of install base needs saving, lol

MelvinTheGreat1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

16v16 mode would be terrible. Too many titans. Plus once you get your titan you'll have abunch of other titans already swarming on you plus the added human players shooting you with rockets add that together and you wont last 2 minuets.
Maybe 10v10 or 12v12 but 16v16 is too much.

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3-4-51221d ago

Saving?'s not even out yet.

nix1221d ago

it's coming out on PS4.. now Titanfall was the worst MP game to ever come out, according to the media.

Septic1221d ago


Lol what? At least now it won't get insta-hated on with loads of fake reviews on metacritic and the like.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1221d ago

PS4 can save titanfall 2. For a start they won't have to give it away on there.

Edito1221d ago

That was the first thing i thought, a good campaign can make this game fare way better...

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thehitman1221d ago

I got TF for PC for like 30 bucks first day it came out and I can say that if they dont have a better campaign mode and if they try to sell it again for $60 thats an incredible rip off.

Also if they want to improve the game less bots and more players or at least have more game modes that you have the option to have more players. The map sizes and designs however I felt were great just a lot of times felt empty. The mech vs mech was awesome so maybe more of that with variety of mechs. Mech vs Mech mode seemed like the only mode that required lots of teamwork.

Neo_Zeed1221d ago

Less bots? But... the cloud? That AI was supposed to be amazing because it was handled by the cloud. Why would you want less "cloud" power?

Ark_1221d ago

rofl ... oh my god, I totally forgot about that allready.

jmc88881221d ago

Made on the Frostbite 3 engine. Mechs that can go vertical over say something similar to the Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai tower.

Now THAT would be an epic game.

If not Frostbite 3, then at least on Source 2. But really those should be the only two engines even being considered.

StrayaKNT1221d ago

It doesn't really need saving it sold well and was rated high especially for a fps. Titanfall was probably the second best fps in 2014 just behind mcc imo.

LifeInNZ1221d ago

I think most of the negativity was comjng from those who never intended to play it. However, my biggest disappointments from the first one include:
- Inept lobby system. A game thats ALL about mutiplayer needs a much more mature lobby.
- Graphics could have been better. Short draw distance for the debree/objects that litter the environments, framerate drops, screen tearing, etc. The game diserved a better graphics engine.

re2_apocalypse1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

MCC Best FPS last year...?

The Weed is strong with this one!

StrayaKNT1221d ago

Easily dude no other competition even comes close.

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