PS4 Games and Hardware that Could Be Announced at E3 (2015)

PS4Home: "Let’s take a look at the big titles and hardware which could be announced at this year’s E3."

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DigitalRaptor1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

If Fallout 4 is announced that would be amazing, but if it ends up not being a game slated for Project Morpheus, that would be a missed opportunity for both parties. Sony must know how important it is for third-party devs to be on board with such technology. The PC community will probably find a way to get Oculus working with the game, but I hope Sony have sent over a prototype to Bethesda long ago, because it needs a game like this.

God of War and Gran Turismo 7 showings are a given. Both will likely be demoed for Morpheus at E3. I'd imagine GT7 could even be ready for late 2015, given what we know, but it's more likely to be a launch title for Morpheus in the first half of 2016.

E3 would be a perfect time for Guerrilla to officially show new IP, Horizon, since it's looking like a really ideal 2016 release (3 years after Shadow Fall). If The Last Guardian isn't shown and dated, then I've no idea what they're doing and they may as well not even bother. They started re-tooling this for PS4 years ago, I don't know how it can take so long.

Why does this article mention The Last of Us 2? Naughty Dog hasn't even begun truly pushing the hype train for Uncharted 4, so why would they announce a game to take the attention away from their next release? That will be E3 2016.

Gority1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Fallout 4 is never going to be an exclusive. Only way is if MS paid a ton of money to make it happen but I just see the chance of it being super slim. Maybe timed exclusive DLC like Fallout 3 had?

Regarding TLoU2, Naughty Dog historically has made a lot of reveals at the VGAs, so I wouldn't be surprised if the game their second team is working on was announced there (The Game Awards now), whether it's a sequel to TLoU or not. Originally the plan was to announce TLoU prior to U3 coming out but got pushed back to a VGA announcement.

Honestly though, this article isn't bad by any means but there are plenty of others that could be announced. Pretty lacking in imagination there.

MrSec841104d ago

Fallout 4 seems most likely for Bethesda's show, as for Morpheus support maybe, but it's not necessary for every game to support it for it to take off, best to use games specifically designed for Morpheus, an FPS like that may work well with the game, considering how The Heist is described to feel, I guess we'll see what happens, assuming the game gets announced.

Gran Turismo 7 is a perfect candidate for VR, but God of War is a 3rd person title, it's not really something that works, unless Sony changes the game to an FPS, personally I hope they don't. I can understand them making a GOW morpheus game, but to change the formula for their 1st PS4 GOW title is a bad idea.

GOW seems most likely to be a March 2016, it just fits with the series release schedule, looking at the majority of past games in the series.

Horizon has been touted by Shinobi602, the highly reliable insider as a game being shown at E3 by Sony, seems likely it will be time to show the game off.
Guerrilla Games has been releasing a game every 2 years since KZ2 came out, so it may just be time to announce and release the game this year or maybe Guerrilla has something else, like a new Killzone from Guerrilla Cambridge or they may have put the series on the back burner for a new Resistance game (the name was trademarked fairly recently).

TLG taking so long makes sense, especially when you consider it's probably a work of art and rebuilding the game from the ground up to take full advantage of the PS4 probably takes a while. The PS4's API has to be developed enough and the engine needs sufficient optimization.
It's assumed re-engineering means it's been moved to PS4, not guaranteed at this point, it seems likely, there's little reason to keep the game on PS3, other than to make it the PS3's last major release, but not focusing on PS4 would be a big mistake.

I agree about TLOU 2, assuming ND have that as their next game, they could be working on something else entirely, maybe another new IP, TLOU isn't a guaranteed thing from them, maybe, although we may not see anything of that until 2017.

As far as other games Gravity Rush 2 is rumored to have moved over from PS Vita to PS4.

Quantic Dream's game has been in development for ages.
MM could show off their new title.

Maybe Sucker Punch, they've been fairly vocal about getting more out of the PS4 lately.
Agent could be ready to show by Rockstar (Sony loves having their games at their E3 conference, like GTAV last year and the remaster announcement).

Ratchet & Clank should finally get gameplay unveiled, unless it happens before E3. I think R&C should get decent focus though, with a trailer that people think is the movie, but then it turns out to be actual gameplay. This should be a stunner!

E3 has so much potential as always, I can't wait!

spacedelete1103d ago

who cares. VR will be dropped by Sony just like their past gimmicks like PS move, PS Vita, 3D support etc. forget the gimmicks and focus on gameplay.

DigitalRaptor1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Get out! More people care about the kind of experience VR provides than you (as someone who probably has never even looked into the benefits of, or experienced VR) you would care to acknowledge. Calling the ultimate in immersion a gimmick tells us all we need to know about you.

PS Move will still be supported via Project Morpheus.

PS Vita still gets plenty of great game releases and I find its use for PS4's Remote Play absolutely essential. Calling it a gimmick proves you don't even own one.

VR is the next logical step from what was 3D support.

RJ920091104d ago

Legend of dargoon2 is all I want

MasterCornholio1104d ago

I'm actually expecting the final price reveal of Morpheus. And as for games will will definitely see a new demo of Uncharted there. I'm predicting that Ratchett and Clank will get shown and confirmed for the summer.

OB1Biker1103d ago

Somehow I would be beaming if RAD gave the haters the finger and showed a trailer for The Order 1886 episode 2, 2016 release lol

jay21103d ago

OMG!!!!!! GETAWAY 3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOU2's too early. GOW4's not happening this year either i dont think.

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