Pillars of Eternity Gets Two New Screenshots

Pillars of Eternity releases later this month and Obsidian Entertainment released today two new screenshots from it.

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Thryhring1042d ago

This year is looking like, IMO, one of the best in a long time for rpgs. So much stuff to look forward to

Ark_1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Indeed, good stuff ariving this year.
They are really revitalizing and diversifying the genre again.

Wyesvin1042d ago

Im gonna be broke this month too many good games coming out.

Eldyraen1042d ago

I at least helped kickstar this one so its a little easier on my wallet since it was paid for a LONG time ago now.

dreamoner1042d ago

Wow 2 weeks till release.. time flies away :PP

Hope it won't require months of patching to be playable.