Review: DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition (AYMG)

When Ninja Theory rebooted the Devil May Cry series fans were none too pleased with what they’d done. Many fans complained of the character redesigns, as well as complaining that the game was “too easy”. Even though the game was actually pretty damn good, the negative fan reaction meant that sales were less than what Capcom would have liked. So it’s no surprise that Capcom decided to jump on the trend up remastering last gen games and released DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition, most likely in the hopes of generating some more sales.

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slappy5081138d ago

This is a great action game now that it's at 60fps, seems much more fluid than the ps3 version I played. Despite the perceived bad story line I put it right up there with Bayonetta 2. haters gotta hate

TheDetective1138d ago

LMAO this is up there with Bayonetta 2 LMFAO ya i'm happy you feel that way lol

slappy5081138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

MY OPINION. Deal with it

ZombieKiller1138d ago

...and his reply was his. So were your disagrees. Deal with it. DmC sucked ass compared to the other games in the series. From Virgil telling Duneh his dick was bigger, to the disrespectful general nature of the head dev.

However...I like how Capcom realized these mistakes and are trying to make things better. I'm also glad that they realize that the fans of the original story aren't pissed due to the "lack of white hair"

All of my issues with this game as far as gameplay seem to be resolved (lock on, classic stinger controls, 60fps, the reaction to certain enemies vs ineffective weapons, etc...) but the fact that they sh*t on my favorite character, and rebooted the series when it didn't need it, from a dev we didn't need it from, I think I will still pass. I feel like if there is enough support for this game, we may never see a "proper" Devil May Cry game.

After playing this game, I was asked to rate it as a Devil May Cry game and I gave it a 6.5/10 (based on my playthrough on the PS3). When I was asked what I would have rated it if it wasn't titled DmC, I said I probably wouldn't have played it. We need the old devs back or someone who at least cares. Design it in-house Capcom...

TheDetective1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

@ZombieKiller Dude that's what i gave it a 6.5 for older players like myself and a 7.0 for those who are new to it all. one of the many things that made it a 6.5 for me was those two god awful levels Devil's dalliance and the mundus spawn boss battle. they made me sick because my eyes could not adjust to all the colors like a simon says on crack and acid. i played through this game 4 times and really wanted to give it a chance but after all the stuff Tam Tam Said and how us older fans was treated just was the last nail in the coffin. i just found someone on you tube doing a play through of this with Turbo mode on and the freaking camera is having an epileptic fit. NT did not even care enough to adjust it to how fast everything is moving just crazy and just think how bad replaying Devil's dalliance and the mundus spawn boss battle is going to be oh god it's going to be unplayable for me.

guy dose great work on his videos

meganick1138d ago

This is a great action game, though I'd rank Bayonetta 2 a bit higher. As a PS4 and Wii U owner, I'm glad I can play both.

TheDetective1138d ago

LMAO deal with it ? i love it !!! lol gave me a great laugh lol