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Renowned for it’s line-up of semi-nude female fighters (with some blokes thrown in for good measure) and fluid fight mechanics, Dead or Alive is one of the most well known fighting games on the planet. When Dead or Alive 5 released a couple of years ago on Xbox 360 and PS3 it took the series to a whole new level, managing to improve and polish the fluid fight mechanics that we had all come to know and love. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round arrives on Xbox One and PS4 and does an excellent job of preserving everything great about DOA 5, although it is not without a few flaws.

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masterfox1044d ago

I will wait for the real definitive edition and that is for PC, so many custom cloths I will be able to put on those poor underdressed girlssss. :D

Darkwatchman1040d ago

The PC version won't even use the soft engine that the current gen versions use. It'll literally be a straight port of the last gen console versions.