Bloodborne and $20 PSN card bundle deal revealed

You will be able to save $15 when buying both Bloodborne and a $20 PSN card during the game's launch week at Target.

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MEGANE1196d ago

Crap! Too late for me, Sony already charged me for it

totallysane1196d ago

wow, love that my AV flagged that site...

WCxAlchemist1196d ago

Why do they wait to announce this now already paid it off at Gamestop...Good deal

NeMo_HeauxZ1196d ago

Its a better deal to buy the Best Buy Gamers Club Card. It dropped from $100 to $30. That gets you 20% of off any new game for 2 years. That would make every new game that you purchase $52. So 2 years vs. a 1 week sale is a no brainer :)

DivineAssault 1196d ago

damn, i already bought the collectors edition.. oh well. Good deal for those who havent reserved it

AC2020x1196d ago

Already pre-ordered on PSN. I know there are better deals going physical, but this is one game I won't be selling. And I like to support the developers. Going digital all the way!