Tales Of Vesperia PlayStation 3 English Fan Translation Now Available

Explosion:" Tales Of Vesperia PlayStation 3, the more complete version of the entry of the Tales Of series only available in English on Xbox 360, has finally received an unofficial English translation."

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Relientk771099d ago

I've been wanting this Tales game on PS3

LightDiego1099d ago

Me too, really want to play on my PS3.

Eidolon1099d ago

Hope it gets an official release though. I think this unofficial translation requires a custom firmware.

blackblades1099d ago

Dude it does they says it right there.

Harkins17211099d ago

holy crap so havent I. So happy right now!

MegaRay1099d ago

Meh. Hope Bamco releases Tales Of Vesperia R for PS3. Or better yet, PS4/Vita

LAWSON721099d ago

If only I had an emulator or a hacked PS3, sigh...

FinalFantasyFanatic1099d ago

Already started this on 360 a few weeks ago and I'm a little more then a quarter of the way through the story. Still, really would have liked to play the PS3 version.

Xavior_Reigns1099d ago

Same here, its a great game too. However, I've decided to take a small break from it, since I started it after finishing Tales of Hearts R.

FinalFantasyFanatic1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

It is great, I've done a fair bit of Tales of Hearts R but I haven't got back to it for a while now. Tales and Persona are pretty much my go to series for my JRPG fix.

Melankolis1099d ago

Playing Tales, Tekken, Final Fantasy, on Xbox feels weird to me, the same can be said playing Mass Effect, Bioshock, on PlayStation.

Blackleg-sanji1099d ago

While I can't speak on the others I felt weird as hell playing tales with an Xbox controller (literally the only reason I got a 360 was for tales and blue dragon). vesperia is one of the best tales games released they kind of shot themselves in the foot making it exclusive

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