5 Games That Will Make 2015 Amazing

From the article: "2015 is bringing us plenty of games. But which are we most excited about? Take a look at our list of five games that will make this year a ride to remember."

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xabmol1098d ago

No Mans Sky > MGSV?

Something is wrong with this list...

orakle441098d ago

MGSV is added in down the bottom.

xabmol1098d ago

Yeah, in the honorable mentions section. After the five games the article is about.

Ergo the author has placed it less amazing than NMS.

MrSwankSinatra1098d ago

i don't care about any of these games.

etownone1098d ago

Rainbow Six
Halo 5
Quantum Break
Tomb Raider

Those are my 5 must have games this year. Uncharted would have been there too if it wasn't delayed. And Star Wars battlefront.... But I doubt that coming out this year.

Simco8761098d ago

As someone who has basically turned into a casual gamer (kids/life get in the way). No man's sky and maybe Witcher has the most appeal to me. I can pick up No Man's Sky and just explore until I have to do something else, then not be bogged down by getting it done. I won't be finding everything in the game, so I can just explore and find awesome things.

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