PS4 Getting In-Game Video Chat?

Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'The premiere of the PlayStation Networks new show Powers was an unlikely source for news of a potential feature coming to the PS4 at some point in the near future – In game video chat.'

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SpaceRanger1224d ago

That'd be cool if so! My brother and I play online together, and since we're several hours apart sometimes we don't get to see each other often. It'd be a pretty awesome feature to add later on. I'm already looking forward to the Spotify addition soon!

Powers on the other hand is a lot better than I was anticipating. The ending of that first episode really had me on the edge!

MysticStrummer1224d ago

Yeah I agree about Powers. I wasn't expecting much and I liked it enough to go ahead and watch the other available episodes back to back. I have no idea what the source material was like but the show has lots of potential.

lodossrage1224d ago

The source material is the Powers series formerly owned by Image Comics, now owned by Marvel Comics.

Off topic: At least Sony actually DID something with it. Marvel just bought the franchise and did nothing with it for all these years.

MysticStrummer1223d ago

Yeah I knew that was the source material but I never looked at it so I don't know how this compares.

Snookies121224d ago

I agree, I'm in South Carolina, and my brother moved up to Jersey. So something like this would be incredibly awesome for future gaming sessions.

Thatguy-3101224d ago

I mean what's the point of video chatting while gaming? You can only pay attention to what your playing. A separate video chat app would be cool but to have it in game? I don't see the point of it

KwietStorm1224d ago

ooVoo is it's own video app. Whether or not we'll be able to use it in game is unknown right now. But it would be nice to have, to socialize or what not, or to be able to game and still see friends or family who have moved away, as people said above.

Thatguy-3101224d ago

I know what you mean. I'm simply referring to video chatting in game. It's pointless to do both at the same time. I can't video chat if I'm focusing on playing the game or I can't game if I'm focusing on video chatting.

bananaboats1224d ago

Being able to see someones reaction to getting beat by you if worth it to me. I pretty good at multitasking and I can assume most gamers are so having a video chat up while gaming isnt a big deal. Now if they made it so it was transparent instead of taking a quarter of the screen then that would be great. But this would be an awesome app to have.

Sayai jin1224d ago

@dcboy- Some people use this feature in MP games and stop to chat while waiting for the next match to begin or during intermission.

I do see you other point of why not just have an seperate app.

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MasterCornholio1224d ago


That's pretty neat.


-EvoAnubis-1224d ago

I'm not saying that the PS4 won't get video chat (in fact, it seems pretty obvious that it will eventually), but this is a pretty stupid reference point. For those that haven't seen this show yet (and if not, you absolutely should) in this scene they were using inFamous: Second Son as a stand-in for a totally nonexistent Powers game, which the conversation the two characters were having via the equally nonexistent PS4 video chat clearly establishes. If we're taking this scene as a sign of things to come, I could just as easily suggest Powers DLC for Second Son that actually contains the content they talked about.

TL;DR - Valid speculation, worthless premiss.

itsjustexuma1224d ago

They also made us think Infamous Second Son had multiplayer lol

just_looken1224d ago

Are we really going to get exited over a 13+ year old feature. If you want to do this get a psp/ps3/ip phone or any pc.

Shad0wRunner1224d ago

OR...we can just wait until it gets implemented on the PS4.

Does it really matter how old the concept is?
Does it really matter how many other devices you can video chat with/on?

The fact is, there are a lot of people who would appreciate and enjoy this ability, on their PS4 consoles. It's a feature that combines well, with gaming. The more options, customizations and abilities we get...THE BETTER!

KwietStorm1224d ago

Excellent suggestion. Let me go video chat on my PS3 whilst I game on my PS4, so I can't see the actual chat because my PS4 is on.

Farsendor11224d ago

I don't think you can play a game and video chat with most of those platforms.

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