3DS Outsells PS4, Mario Party 10 Preview, Toe Jam and Earl’s Huge Wii U Stretch Goal – WiR 3/14/15

Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast gives his Mario Party 10 impressions, discusses the latest NPD numbers, and much more in the latest episode of WiR!

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Wonderful1011166d ago

No need to compare sales, both did great.

Kiwi661166d ago

Tell that to those who compare the ps4 to xb1 numbers like they have a personal stake in the company but it is good to see that handhelds are still doing great

Wonderful1011166d ago

There will always be those who will make this a sales competition, to show superiority I guess. Personally, I would just be happy the company I like is doing well.

I_Love_Gaming1166d ago

I want all the companies to do well. Dont do any shady business and provide gamers with what they want. You hear that Square Enix? Bring us Final Fantasy 7 damnit

Eonjay1166d ago

But the new 3DS just launched in the US. So of course it sold well.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1166d ago

Wasn't it old 3ds and new 3ds combined sales that out sold PS4?

I mean if you are putting two together of course they have good chance of outselling PS4.

Did they outsell PS4 + PS3 combined sales?

Kalebninja1166d ago

ps4 and ps3 are completely separate consoles. the new 3ds is more like the black 360 was to the original xbox 360 it can play some games the previous version cant but its the same console.

SoapShoes1166d ago

^No it isn't... It has a few games that will only be playable on n3DS. It's similar to Windows 10 over 8. 8 can do mostly the same things but 10 has exclusive features and will eventually get more support.

vergilxx31165d ago

lol so you think because they released different version of 3ds it's not the same handheld device ??
and what if they will release ps4 slim ? you WILL be adding these numbers together ..

1166d ago
Yetter1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Was pretty damn close to picking one up the other day. Haven't used a Nintendo handheld since my DSlite. for some reason I really want to try monster hunter

vergilxx31165d ago

Got meself new 3ds monster hunter edition it's pretty darn awesome game and device stable 3d is to die for

maniacmayhem1166d ago

3DS is an awesome handheld system with some of the best software around. Good job Nintendo!

blackblades1166d ago

Comparing sales of a handheld to a console wow.

Vegamyster1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

They're dedicated gaming consoles in handheld form, they're still consoles.

ZeekQuattro1166d ago

Seems fair. Lord knows I've seen countless articles in the past about Vita outselling the Wii U. Congrats Nintendo. Not bad for a device that was written off early in its cycle.

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The story is too old to be commented.