Could The Apple iWatch Spark The Rise Of Wearable Games?

IM PLAYIN discuss the impact that the iWatch could make on gaming.

"Personally, I’m not convinced by the Apple iWatch. It’s partly because I don’t like wearing watches, let alone one that will cost me around £500. But it’s also down to the fact that it feels a little gimmicky. Kind of like the rise and fall of Google Glass, I kind of feel like the world isn’t quite ready to adopt this sort of wearable tech for every day use. However, if there’s one company that can convince the masses to spend a load of cash on a glorified watch, it’s Apple. Also, I guess that wearable tech that sits on your wrist is less of a jump than hi-tech glasses. Putting something that you can hold in your hand, on your wrist, is kind of a natural progression I guess."

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