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With Uncharted 4 delayed, Microsoft is now in position to own 2015

GCO: "Back when both consoles were first announced, Microsoft seemed to have forgotten its way, and Sony gained a vast majority of market mindshare. However, things are indeed changing."

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the title doesn't make sense, I assume Owes should be Owns?
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Microsoft owes 2015 what? Anyway, this is pure flamebait. Saying that someone "owns" (I guess this is the word you were looking for) 2015 in March is ridiculous.
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GCO Gamer1347d ago
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CaptainPunch1347d ago

It's going to be a good year for competition.

GCO Gamer1347d ago

Indeed. I personally, can't wait to see what Sony's replacement would be for Uncharted.

d_g1347d ago

hopefully it will be god of war game @[email protected]

GCO Gamer1347d ago

@d_g I'm hoping for a new Twisted Metal game.

Cindy-rella1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

:Looks at last couple NPD reports, worldwide sales and exclusives lineup for xbox one and ps4: if owning means having less diverse exclusive titles and less overall sales for hardware i guess xbox has 2015.

Ballsack1346d ago

Seems all these bias media with their hidden agendas really are losing their minds over ps4s dominance

Now its ok to have no exclusives till winter ..forget the rest of the year..but xb1 still wins 2015..all this plus getting outsold in every Territory..

Facts count for nothing with these bias media..hilarity

HaveSumNuts1346d ago

Microsoft own 2015? Maybe just the end of the year because it's another dry 6 months at least before any AAA exclusive comes out. Meanwhile Bloodborne is like a week and a half away for PS4.

xHeavYx1345d ago

I laughed so hard when I read that delusional title.

DigitallyAfflicted1345d ago

Exclusive games are not as good as it used to be anyway. Multi-plats ruling this generation.PS1 and PS2 had the best exclusive titles.

BitbyDeath1345d ago

Doesn't matter by the time Christmas rolls around PS4 will be around the 30m mark while Xbox might be nearing 15m. Those other 10 months are important to have games too.

BG115791344d ago

But Microsoft is winning right now, look just they have sold more... Oh wait!?

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Palitera1345d ago

Competition is the key word here.

It doesn't mean "XBox will pwn Sony", but this delay puts pressure into Sony to fill the hottest gaming season of the year.

Hopefully Sony already has unannounced titles scheduled for Q3/Q4, as happened with LBP3 last year, announced at E3.

Just please, Sony, if your games are not ready to ship Q3/Q4, don't rush them.

bleedsoe9mm1345d ago

i'm not sure it puts any pressure on Sony what so ever . they had a great holiday last year with basically nothing , don't see why they can't do it again . even if ms beats them in oct , nov , dec it doesn't really matter as long as their sales don't fall off a cliff . this is the same reason you won't see a price drop anytime soon , nothing to force it .

Professor_K1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

@ cynderella

hey, it worked out for the ps4 last year lol

quit your trolling

4theplayers1347d ago

Looooooooooooooooooooooooool!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xbox has only indies and multiplatforms till July (7/12 of the year), and we will have more announcements on E3 and Gamescom.

GCO Gamer1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

But, most consoles are sold during the holiday season. My point being most big games are sold and released in the fall and that's where Sony is currently lacking. That being said, I can't wait to see what they announce.

iamnsuperman1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Not most at all but a large chunk of sales happen in the holiday period. You also forget that Sony's isn't just being sold by there own software. You don't get to just over 20 million units on some semi good (few standout) big games. It is fairly ignorant to say Microsoft will take 2015 just because of their fall line up. The sales difference between the two continues to widen despite a poorer reception of Sony's games. Clearly their line, at the moment in time, doesn't actually matter

Thatguy-3101347d ago

That makes no sense. So only because the last three months are the busiest then the whole year because irrelevant?? O.o I agree that a lot of games are sold during that time frame but look at last year. Sony wasn't hurt one bit from Microsoft exclusives, price cut, promotions etc. As long as Sony is killing it through the WHOLE year they don't really need to depend on one quarter.

GCO Gamer1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

@iamnsuperman That's true.

But, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are basically being sold on the notion they're both going to have great games.

People--this early in a console cycle--are investing in a console saying "I hope Sony and/or Microsoft will deliver with good titles."

If Sony and Microsoft doesn't deliver more quickly; they'll be in trouble. People aren't going to hold onto, or even purchase, a PlayStation 4 and a Xbox One if there's nothing that excites for them to play.

They'll most likely buy the system that has the most games, and, in the court of popular opinion, the console with the most big name exclusives is seen as the better console.

Sony hasn't deliver on that spectrum. They promised all these things and came up short. Mircosoft, however is currently improving the environment around the Xbox console.

Is it "ignorant?" Yes, but that 20 million is sold in a totality no just a single year. The article never mentions anything about Sony not selling more sold. It's about Microsoft dominating 2015 and consumer choice to take the lead in the console market.

GCO Gamer1347d ago

So, @dboyc310.

You're saying that, if you're a consumer and you're looking for a console, it doesn't matter that there's a limited catalog of games when buying a console?

What I'm saying is simple; most BIG games are released in the fall and most consoles are sold in the fall. If people are going to a buy console, it's going to be the console with the most exciting games at that time.

Sony is current lacking big exciting games for the holiday season. The future beyond that doesn't matter because it would be 2016. The article is about 2015, not anytime else.

GribbleGrunger1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I think what you are doing here is forgetting that Sony also sells more consoles in the last 2 months of the year. Spencer said Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec were the most important months. Look it up. Well, after the PS4 won Sep/Oct the narrative was reduced to Nov/Dec (two months) and here we are banking on two months again.

The only problem with that is your second mistake: The US is the most important territory. I'm assuming you MUST be making this mistake because the PS4 outsold the XB1 world wide last year for 12 months. I can't see any other way of you drawing this incorrect conclusion unless you reduce it to the US, in which the XB1 reduced the lead from 1.2m to 500k. It's now back to 700k after two months excluding this months NPD which will likely expand that to 800k, a bigger gap than last year at this point in the US.

You must also take into consideration that the PS4 is selling MUCH better than last year in Japan AND it's about to launch in China. I doubt China will make much difference but you get my drift. It didn't do much for the XB1; although the PS4 is the console the Chinese desire the most.

The gap will be back to at least 1.2m (possibly 1.5m) in the US by the last two months of the year and once again MS will likely reduce the gap in Nov/Dec in the US. BUT, once again Sony will increase the lead World wide and outsell the XB1 world wide.

So, how is XB1 going to own 2015? Why don't you change the title in line with reality:

'The XB1 will beat the PS4 in the US for the last two months of the year'

uth111346d ago

Letting PS4 outsell Xbox except at Christmas isn't exactly working in Xbox's favor.

kayoss1345d ago

yeah, but isnt that always be Microsoft style though. They always save their heavy hitters for the holiday season.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

@GCO Gamer

"But, most consoles are sold during the holiday season."

That may be true for the Xbox One, but it is definitely not the case for the Playstation 4.

Last holiday season, both consoles sold over 4 million units, in particular, the PS4 sold 4.1 units during the holidays.

"PLAYSTATION®4 (PS4™) SALES SURPASS 18.5 MILLION UNITS WORLDWIDE Including 4.1 Million Units Sold Through During the Holiday Season, and PlayStation®Plus Subscribers Reach 10.9 million"

According to Sony's numbers the Playstation 4 from December 2013 to August 2014, the PS4 sold through approximately 6.2 million units and i'm not even including the units sold from September to Black Friday on November 27th.

"TOKYO, JAN. 8, 2014 - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. today announced that cumulative sales of the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) computer entertainment system have reached 4.2 million*1 as of December 28, 2013, demonstrating the explosive growth of the PS4 platform."

"Tokyo, August 13, 2014 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) computer entertainment system has cumulatively sold through more than 10 million units*1 worldwide as of August 10, 2014, demonstrating the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation® hardware history."

All of this information can be found here:

So in reality, the PS4 sales more consoles throughout the year than it does during the holidays if we use the only numbers available as a guide. What you said is true for the Xbox One, not so much for the PS4.

nosferatuzodd1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Boy the deffense foce is really catching after staw these days everyone can.see their disgusting biasness.
Sony put out a steady flow of all kind of diverse games all year while for the last 6months ms had nothing
Ps4 the order now come bloodborn helldivers olli weacome to olliwood xbox nada but halo and quantum.break at the end of the year and they are going to own the whole year lol and you guys called youre selves journalist you should be ashamed of youre self for putting out this rubbish that like a sports star who played the whole game and some one come on the last 2 minute and say he do more than the guy who play the whole thing from the begining pathetic thats why if I want to know if a game is good I go watch twitch can't trust none of these bias illogical clowns

MysticStrummer1344d ago

"most consoles are sold during the holiday season."

Math says : No

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Foehammer1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I have to agree

MS has started off strong with one of (if not the) top scoring games of 2015 (Ori)

It only gets better with FH2 F&F

The Division has exclusive x1 content.

The holidays will be insane with TombRaider, Halo 5, Forza 6, Fable legends, Quantum Break, all the Windows 10 advantages, and who knows what will come out of E3.

It's not like Fat Princess can go head to head with the aforementioned games.

emilijo7771347d ago

yea MS started strong with an indie game. xbox fans don't count indies.

FH2 expansion is surely a new big game.

let's face it. last big xbox one exclusive was in october. next one will be in september or october this year. whole year without big exclusives

DigitalRaptor1347d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Just wow.

Sony started off strong with Grim Fandango Remastered, Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2, and Bloodborne (the first essential next-gen game) comes out in 2 weeks, with MLB 15: The Show a couple of days later.

FH2 is DLC (like DriveClub continues to get), and PS4 has a AAA exclusive masterpiece in Bloodborne. I'm sure that's comparable.

Batman: Arkham Knight (the likely better game) has exclusive PS4 content in June.

But of course..... I forgot the holidays. The wondrous holidays you have to wait 10 months of the year for. Man, I wish I had to wait 10 months for games I brag about.

Quantum Break is practically delayed to next year - with deadly silence from MS or Remedy, they might as well not have to make the announcement.

Who knows what will come out of E3 for Sony? Who knows.....

It's not like 4 AAA games you have to wait 6-10 months to play can go head to head with 6 AAA games on PS4 alongside an army of quality indies.

See, your delight in these articles is overstated. The article is obvious bull, but you will cling to it despite the fact that every single thing you said can be turned and said about Sony, just like I proved.

@ MichaelLito79

You're pretty reactionary aren't you? Did you even gather what my comment proved? Foehammer was delighting in and lending credence to something that the article itself wasn't even highlighting. If you'd read the article, it talks about the theory of Xbone dominating PS4 in sales because of Uncharted 4's delay, not the games lineup throughout the year. That is utter, unequivocal BULL. Look around you... I'm not the only one call it bull - it only takes a moment to notice that.

The article is emphasising the invalid notion that Microsoft selling more consoles in the USA for 2 months out of 12 months is "dominating". That is preposterous. The Xbone has NEVER, EVER outsold the PS4 worldwide of a single week, and even if Xbone takes the holiday season in the USA, as the PS4 is already showing that against last year's holiday season, Sony will catch up those sales within just a few short months by actually releasing AAA games, or just more games every month.

In regards to my comment, I was showing the continued ridiculousness and obtuseness of Foehammer's comments. He was insisting on the notion that Microsoft "owns 2015", despite the fact that he was always going to be wrong on both counts - games and sales. My agenda here is exposing people who are talking nonsense. As usual, you were in defence mode and forgetting that I never said Xbone has nothing. I was clearly talking about AAAs, and using it as a comparative scenario to expose the absurdness. All ignorant people seem to care about is a holiday season and the buzzword "dominate" is a useless word since PS4 will catch up this short-term dominance during a more relevant time of year called THE REST OF THE YEAR.

Regarding Quantum Break delay, why do you think they are staying silent? And why do you think we haven't seen much of the game at all besides a 20 minute demo? It's not unrealistic to assume that QB is having issues delivering the vision in the time given and that to ensure quality it will be delayed. MS already have a packed enough holiday season, it makes no sense not to delay to next-year's Spring window where it can breathe and get more attention to itself. MS needs something to go head-to-head against Uncharted 4 too. It was going to be Halo 5 and Tomb Raider.

Automatic791346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )


So you making assumptions of what Remedy and MS are doing with Quantum Break based off a rumor, especially from a non MS employee. Lol come on your smarter then that don't hang yourself.

Then you go off and mention indie games I can do the same MS has already started the year with Idarb, LA Cops, Ori and the Blind forest.

We already had a fun Retail title with ScreamRide.

Coming soon Forza Horizon: Fast and the Furious, Dungeons and Dragon Neverwinter, State of Decay, Goat Simulator, Elite Dangerous, Fable Legends, World of Tanks and Smite.

Not sure what you mean about not having to wait 10 months but of course anything to push your agenda.

As for DLC we got Call of Duty, Evolve, Dragon Age, The Division so far.

The article is based on his opinion, the only one who thinks its bull is you, of course, since it is not favoring your system of choice.

Ballsack1346d ago

He lost the argument at 'screamride'

kayoss1345d ago Show
MelvinTheGreat1345d ago

Bloodbourne hasnt even been released yet and yet you called a masterpieace, lol.

reaperofsouls1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Actually EDGE magazine has also called
bloodbourne a masterpiece in there 6 page verdict

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reko1345d ago Show
emilijo7771347d ago

quantum break probably delayed. so that's forza 6, halo 5 and tomb raider vs bloodborne and the order

BitbyDeath1345d ago

Until Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, Shadow of the beast, and Hellblade are AAA and also coming this year exclusively to PS4.

emilijo7771347d ago

69 PS4 games scored 80+ on metacritic

only 38 xbox one games scored 80+ on metacritic

that won't change anytime soon

pyroxxx1345d ago

What is impressive is that xbox one has 38 games,..