Petition for Modern Warfare 2 to be Remastered on PS4 and Xbox One Reaches it’s Goal

Australian gamer Ramez Zahra and more than 150,000 others agree that this should be Infinity Ward and Activision’s new project. Whatever you do though, do not give your hopes up. has a lot of (useless) petitions for things that simply will not happen which have thousands of signatures, if anything I suggest waiting until either Infitinty Ward or Activision speak up on the matter and go from there. While it would be very nice to have a remake of arguably the best Call of Duty to ever hit store shelves, it’s simply not likely given the fact that there were problems at the time and the co-creators of the game (West and Zampella) left as the game was making waves in the gaming industry.

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jc48573887d ago

is it even necessary? I'm sure Activision has it all planned.

Abash887d ago

Why are these fans petitioning for Modern Warfare 2 remastered? Shouldn't they be petitioning for a Modern Warfare Remastered Collection as opposed to just one game?

It's like they are asking to pay the price they would for all three MW games getting remastered....

inveni0887d ago

They remaster Modern Warfare every year, don't they? /s

HammadTheBeast887d ago

It's like people enjoy getting slapped across the face by gaming companies.

Pogmathoin887d ago

Activision will do this now, seeing how many people will fork up for a collectors with free MP maps, when minimal resources will be put in giving the game a lil gloss....

garrettbobbyferguson887d ago


It's not "like", it is. It's sad to say but video game consumers may possibly be the worst consumers around today. I've never seen a group more than happy to repurchase something they already have.

USA007887d ago

I'd buy a full MW collectio., although I wouldn't play MW3 at all.

I'd also really like to see a Treyarch Collection with WaW, BO1, and BO2. All the zombies maps together would be cool as well.

Being able to play MW1/2 and WaW without all the mods that people use today would be awesome.

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spacedelete887d ago

considering COD gets worse every year yes it is.

ZombieKiller887d ago

I think they're going to wait until the time is right....which is basically when they faze out the last gen consoles and High Moon (or whoever made AW's last gen version)

That studio will open up for a new project. I think those projects are to remaster the old school COD games again. I would buy it if it came with all the past DLC at no extra charge.

Dee_91887d ago

I should make a petition for this remake to be made by developers who actually care about their customers.

Gamer1982886d ago

People want this remastered but not uncharted trilogy?? The world bloody amazes me.. We get new COD every year that are all the same we get a new uncharted every few years that are completely differn't and are 10X the game.. Just shows the mindless sheep playing games these days who don't appreciate quality games.

ofenderz0886d ago

The uncharted trilogy doesn't need to be remastered. It already has the graphics of the next-gen systems, call of duty doesn't however. The reason why people want a remaster is because of the insane amount of hackers on MW2. Uncharted is only on the Playstation systems, which is 1/4 of the population of gamers, so it's no surprise that there is a petition for this and not Uncharted. P.S. MW1 and MW2 aren't quality games? Both have a rating of 94/100 on Metacritic and GameRankings.

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Jalva887d ago

Complete waste of time, just like every other petition ever made.

Old_Boss_887d ago

Dark Souls 1 PC petition says Hi.

Swiggins887d ago

Asking never hurts.

I'd buy a remastered MW collection in a heartbeat.

If nothing else, they should make an effort to release CoD: Online outside of China...which they'll likely never do because it would eat into the profits they make from yearly releases.

Gardenia887d ago

If there was to be a remastered COD, make it COD4. A new engine, balance it a little and it definitely will sell millions

spicelicka887d ago

I haven't actually paid for a Cod game since Cod4. I would sure as hall want my next Cod purchase to be Cod4 remastered though, it would be ironic and awesome.

Canary887d ago

It's actually very informative.
That such a thing can exist speaks volumes about how awful modern gamers are--begging for a port of so recent a game? Good ****ing God.

I thought it was bad enough that publishers were selling these cheapass ports to begin with--that so great a portion of the community is willing to ask for more... is profoundly depressing.

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DxTrixterz887d ago

And you wonder why we got so many remasters on 8th gen consoles already.

annoyedgamer887d ago

Except I would actually buy this one. This game is timeless. All I need is MW2 with all the DLC at 1080P (It was already 60FPS) and I will be sold.

aviator189887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

I'm actually in agreement with you as well.
MW 2, along with COD4, had the strongest showings from the cod franchise and continue to outshine even the newer mps/campaigns of the new cod games.
I'd honestly pick up a MW 2 remastering in a heartbeat, but it'd be so much better if it was a MW2/COD 4 bundle instead.

AKissFromDaddy887d ago

100% Agreed. All other multiplayer shooters would die to me. I would appreciate more guns and kill streaks though.

King Nezz887d ago

I'm not a big fan of the COD franchise, but I did enjoy this one. I too would purchase it.

garrettbobbyferguson887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Modern Warfare 2 is the game that kickstarted the downfall of the series. Every issue the series has spawned from that game. Modern Warfare 1 was the peak of Call of Duty, quite possibly along with WaW for introducing Zombies; which at the time was fresh for the series and offered a lot of replay value.

And this is speaking objectively.

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KillerPwned887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

No put out a MW1 and 2 remaster in one package for $60 with split screen support.

FITgamer887d ago

...and all DLC maps included.

Swiggins887d ago

I'd buy that so fast Bobby Kotick's head would spin.

MW3 can go jump in a lake, but MW1 is an utter masterpiece and MW2 was the most fun I've ever had with a multiplayer shooter.

MW2 may not have been the most balanced shooter of all time, but every single weapon felt viable in some capacity and every gun certainly had a niche to fill. Unlike most recent CoD's in which 1 or maybe 2 weapons in a class is viable and everything else is completely worthless.

It also had fantastic map design; Favela, Derailed, Highrise, Estate, Terminal, Quarry, Wasteland...the list goes on. Even the worst MW2 maps would be the best maps in current games.

ginsunuva886d ago


You're asking activision to rape you without them even trying anymore.

purebennyc887d ago

This is an absolute classic but I really fear for the gaming industry when the best we can come up with is remakes of classics