Sega Arcade Games Submitted to LEGO

Carl Williams writes, "Who reading this has never played with a LEGO set? No matter your age, you have probably played with a LEGO set, either one for yourself or while playing with your children, odds are Lego has been in your life at some point. I personally remember the late 80’s and searching out yard sales, and the like, for LEGO’s that others outgrew. Many times I scored huge boxes, four to five pounds worth, of LEGO’s for $5 to $10 worth of my saved up money. This was much cheaper than buying sets at the store plus it gave me a variety of LEGO’s to draw from when building things. Lego now has this thing called “LEGO Ideas” where you can create something on your own, submit it to the company and if it gets enough support from the community eventually possibly see an official release by LEGO. That is the main feature of this article because a fan has created some mini Sega arcade machines using LEGO’s and submitted them to Lego. Now do your part and show some support so this might actually happen."

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