Final Fantasy XIV’s Expansion Heavensward Gets Full Pricing Details for PS4, PS3 and PC

During the Letter from the Producer Live aired today, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida gave the rundown of the pricing of the upcoming Heavensward expansion, coming on June 23rd.

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Tankbusta401044d ago

40 bucks for an expansion? Does that include a reach around?

Baka-akaB1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

it's the standard prices . And i'm not worried , considering the huge amount of stuff they added for free between storylines , quests , area , dungeons , classes , at least after the ps3/ps4 release , this expansion is basically a whole new massive game .

Hell that's actually how Destiny should provide content and justify the pricetag for its dlcs and season pass

Jubez1871043d ago

Destiny's expansion are laughable

averagejoe261044d ago

Well considering it's content is 150% what the original game release was I'd say $40 is a great price.

Gamer19821044d ago

Paid MMOs should NOT have paid expansions. You pay a monthly fee so it should all be included and its why paid MMOs die off these days because they don't learn from others mistakes. They are proper cheeky doing this as the games living off the FF name so people will pay.. It's why I hate FF14 and refuse to subscribe anymore. I got my free month and 1 extra and thats it for me. It's not better than any other MMO out there in reality its just got FF name on it.

Jubez1871043d ago

I pay for what I value. I value the game at 12 dollars a month and a 40 dollar expansion that comes with a boat load of content. I honestly never once cared or was concern about the pricing of this game.

stragomccloud1044d ago

Bring it on~

The expansion has almost as much content as the original game. Can't wait!