Nintendo's future still lies in the glory days of gaming

The Japanese game giant continues to rely on rehashes of its tried-and-true franchises, but it's working.

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ritsuka6661194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Joke article. Don't hate on something you haven't tried and To all those ridiculous fanboys who hate on the Wii U and Nintendo for no reason...

MadMenX1194d ago

You sound hurt, quit hating on others who dont share your opinion.

Some love Nintendo, but can admit that the wiiu-seless is a waste of time, Nintendo is better than that, we expect better than that.

DarthZoolu1194d ago

I am so tired of " loyal nintendo fans" because they don't expect better. Nintendo could be god. But they haven't let their ip's mature. Nintendo created most of the best stuff but other companies advanced their ideas. Skyrim is the natural evolution of Zelda. Mass Effect, Halo, etc are the natural evolution of Metroid. They let all these companies take their shine.

Summons751194d ago

Well as long as people will love Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Smash Bros, Star Fox, any franchsie they own and as long as people keep paying for it then Nintendo will keep making it. The fact they have have been making some of these franchises for 25+ years and having every game feel fresh, new, and different is something a lot of irrational haters should take a look at because it's working and they know what they are doing.

DragoonsScaleLegends1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Nice logic blame Nintendo for using the same franchises over and over yet they actually make 'new' games with each release yet Activision, EA, and lot's of others just give each game a different skin and call it new but they don't get the same hate for doing that. I hate when I hear people say Nintendo just remakes the same games over and over when that is definitely not true even though I sometimes wish it was. I actually want to play remasters of Nintendo's older games yet they won't do it. I would love to play a remaster of Super Mario Sunshine but Nintendo will only make new games even though to the idiots out their a new game from Nintendo using the same franchise is some how just a rehash even though every single game they make is different. It's rare for them to do remasters and I don't consider a port of a N64 game to 3DS a remaster. The only remaster I can think of is the Wind Waker HD. Also my mouth has been watering for a new Animal Crossing game on Wii U after seeing the Animal Crossing app which was almost like a tease of what a new Animal Crossing game would look like on Wii U.

On a side note* I don't see Disney, Marvel, or DC stopping their rehashes of their characters so why should Nintendo? If anything Nintendo is just at the beginning of using their characters. I would love to see a Anime or Movie made using Link. Of course not made by FOX or any idiot in Hollywood who thinks they can change the characters into what ever they want like the Dragon Ball movie.

kenshin127891194d ago

yeah, if nintendo were rehashing the franches, there would be even more!. and that is not the case. Each console nintendo has, gets 1 or maybe 2 zelda. Is that even rehash? mario kart gets 1 installment each console aswell. How is that rehash? while uncharted gets 3 installments on 1 console (ps3) and gears of war ( 4 installments on xbox 360). And just because it says mario, doesn't mean it has the excact same gameplay as they make the game a completely new experience.

paddy951194d ago

uncharted, god of war, cod, asscreed, halo. All those crap games that should of never existed in the first place get remade every day.

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