What can replace 'Uncharted 4' in 2015?

With "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" dropping out of the PlayStation 4's 2015 release calendar, there's a significant gap in Sony's first-party schedule and an opportunity for the Xbox One to take advantage.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1170d ago

LOL... Gotta love the presumptuous title...

There is no game on any console that can replace Uncharted 4.

4theplayers1170d ago

The Last Guardian or Agent.

goldwyncq1170d ago

Yeah, not going to happen.

Gority1170d ago

Why do people still think the agent is going to happen?

MrSec841170d ago

Until either of those are outright cancelled they can always come, neither has been canceled yet.

Rockstar and Sony have been basically dead silent about Agent, Rockstar also has a tendency to take ages to make their games, so it's a possibility.

The only negative news about The Last Guardian is that it's taken so long, the gaming public like to talk down about it, but Sony have said nothing but the game's still in development, they've had no issues killing off high profile games in the past, so the only thing to think is that both games are still coming.

Maybe they won't be the games coming this holiday, but they are definite powerhouses that Sony can use and both would be far along development at this time if they were moved to PS4.

There's plenty of other potentials as well.
Sony aren't shy about announcing games mere months from release, it happened with all of the launch games, new IPs like Bloodborne, Knack and Driveclub were all big AAA games intended to launch well within a year from when they were announced.

Gority1170d ago


I still think TLG is coming, but it's also regularly confirmed to still exist every time it doesn't appear at a show.

The agent we've never seen anything from and we never here about it. It was announced in 2009 and still nothing.

xabmol1170d ago

TLG? *cry*

I just wanna forget about that game. Stop bringing it up, man!! >.>

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parentsbasement1170d ago

agree , something else my keep us busy but there is no "instead of".....

OB1Biker1169d ago

And no need either. It will just be out a few months later and for the best.
'Phil' can already claim xbox won the holiday for all I care it doesnt bother me in the least

SpinalRemains1381170d ago

Bloodborne for the next 17 months.


xabmol1170d ago


Just till MGSV drops!

Plus, there will be some DS2:SotFS mixed in there as well.

bloodybutcher1169d ago

Bb plus The Witcher and this year ist fertig fur mich.

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OB1Biker1169d ago

Just to be down to Earth it seems to me the couple of remastered many insiders mentioned a while ago , ie Beyond two souls and GOW , could have been planned for the end of year release long ago.

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