Nintendo Has Five Departments, And Iwata Is In Charge Of Two Of Them

Iwata has found himself taking on two other management roles at Nintendo, in addition to his duties as president.

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paddy951099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Good job!

paddy951099d ago

Reggie should be in charge. He looks just like Donkey kong!

WizzroSupreme1099d ago

My hat's off to him for taking on this much of a workload. Hope he doesn't burn out. Good luck, Iwata-san.

RSKnight1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Iwata is in charge of the System Development Division? So that's why the Wii U sucks.

*prepares to receive hateful comments from Nintendo fanboys*

BrandanT1099d ago

Go watch The Order - 1886

linkenski1098d ago

I think his leadership is long overdue though. He became the leader in 2004 or something, right when all the bs "remember to take a break" and hand holding ad nauseum began destroying my favorite game franchises, and strangely enough they also started getting a generation behind when he took over.

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