Mortal Kombat X Will Not Allow Cross-Region Netplay

Shoryuken writes:

In a reply to fans on Twitter, Mortal Kombat X executive producer Shaun Himmerick has confirmed that the title’s online multiplayer will be region-locked.

One of the biggest disappointments with NetherRealm Studios’ previous fighting games was the fact that netplay was restricted by the version you purchased, meaning, for example, a player from Europe could not play with one from North America.

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zeal0us1221d ago

A huge step back though I guess this is to kombat online issues that was present in previous NR game. Though given its a fighter rather than an online game that present more than 2 characters on the screen, one would think kombating online issues in this genre would be easy.

Malice-Flare1221d ago

suddenly, Team ComCept did it better. Soul Sacrifice Delta had a simpler faction wars asymmetric multiplayer and was not region-locked...

shinrock1221d ago

Then Nr need to pay a small portion of my xbl then! I pay to play the world!

Hoffmann1221d ago

Frost was leaked btw.

I wonder if someone from Europe with a USA PSN account can still fight against Americans

T-Dawg61221d ago

Oh I've heard that it's fake but idk

supersonicjerry1221d ago

take that with a grain of salt not enough information in that pic looks like it could have been mk9 mod on pc

Hold_It1220d ago

Might be from the mobile version, looks low res enough to be real just like the Possessed Kenshi leak.

georgenancy1221d ago

that leak is fake old news

Gamer19821220d ago

No you cant play against an american using an american account in EU as its done by region. You could get around using a VPN or some other way though quite easily but why bother as you would have to keep changing when you want to play against people from different countries.

It's backwards in the sense you cannot play against your friends from other countries however it stops you playing people with slow internet in other countries killing the smooth online gameplay. My only issue is they could have made it region locked to random battles and allowed out of region battles to people on your friends list or even limited it to your friends. The second solution would have been preferable.

I hate when devs think they know better than the gamers and don't even give you the choice.

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strugler1221d ago

Guys pople are started to tweet #MKXRegionFree and tweeting the devs Ed Boon @noobde and Shaun Himerick @lover_of_tacos let's make our voices heard guys!

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The story is too old to be commented.