Why 2015 Is Going To Be The Year Of The Xbox

This year really is going to be the year that the Xbox One excels. That’s not to say that Sony and the Playstation aren’t going to do well too, but there are a few things Xbox have up their sleeves that might just trump their console war competitors!

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WESKER20151046d ago

its getting exciting, it speaks volumes when the console war is more exciting that the consoles themselves

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XanderZane1046d ago

From the E3 on, it's going to be incredible. The XBox One is just getting started. The next 2 years is going to be fun and funny. There will be a lot of WTF moments before this gen is over.

RiPPn1046d ago

So then the article should be called "Why the second half of 2015 Is Going To Be The half-Year Of The Xbox?"

Jazz41081046d ago

Bloodborne could easily end up on Xbox it's no diffrent then titan fall or tomb raider. Its from software's game and me published a lot of games ps4 and ps3 got.

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imt5581046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Star Wars : Battlefront PS4 marketing deal this year! Sniff, sniff! :)

bigpiece1045d ago

that isnt going to happen lol

RosweeSon1046d ago

While the updates seem impressive there's not a lot gameswise in this article that is gonna make me buy the console anytime soon, fable legends is f2p (no bad thing but not really interested) went downhill after fable 2/3, gears of war hasn't even been shown of in the slightest yet and that's gonna be out in the next 9 months?! A trailer maybe but the full game I dunno, tomb raider is without a shadow looking fantastic but they've not shown an awful lot of that either (another delay like uncharted 4 on the cards?) gears of war collection will probably get announced at E3 but if it launches half as bad as the Halo collection did, as for the rest, microsoft couldnt be further away from what the gamers want at the moment, ive got a TiVo box I don't want a second I'll stick with the 360 I have boxed up, I'll reserve writing the console off for another year until E3 but so far not looking overly exciting just very familiar territory, maybe that's because I've been playing xbox 360 for 9 years but loving my PS3/4 Wii U, 3DS and Vita currently all getting regular usage, just trying to finally phase out the PS3... Darn you ps+ Some fantastic gaming going on tho and in no rush to get an xbox one currently.

rainslacker1046d ago

GeOW won't be out this year. MS just brought the IP near the beginning of last year. Game of that magnitude is at least a 2 year cycle. I'd be surprised if they are past the pre-production stage at this point.

Halo will be MS big title this year, and GeOW will probably be targeted for next year to continue the trend of the same few exclusives cycled from year to year. This is of course assuming that Halo isn't delayed since I think publishers are getting to the point where they don't want to take the heat for broken releases anymore, and maybe they'll realize it's OK not to meet a target.

GeOW collection I could see, but I think Epic still owns those games, so they'd have to be on board, but I doubt they'd say no if MS had one of their studios develop it. OTOH, I could see the GeOW collection released early next year so as not to compete directly with Halo. I don't recall MS putting two big releases right near each other like that during the holidays, so a collection would be in September or Feb/March of 2016.

Honestly, I think this holiday is going to be more about multi-plats and 3rd party exclusives(outside Halo). As to which system will benefit the most, that just remains to be seen, but the perception of the line up is purely subjective.

I won't discount the power that Halo has to move systems, but at the same time, Halo and ROTTR coming out in the holidays does not support the authors claim of "year of the xbox" since other than that, there isn't much talk about the games on X1. Most of the current talk is about the features and updates...which to me is really just sad that that those are the most exciting thing to clamor on about in regards to what a console is offering.

To be fair, a lot of Sony titles aren't getting discussed beyond Bloodborne, but some of that is because some people dismiss the titles as meaningless because they're 3rd party exclusives, or are multi-plat despite devs claiming the PS4 will have the better version of certain games.

What's sad is that games are worth discussing more than all the other crap that gets discussed on a daily basis, yet people don't really seem to care to talk about them unless it supports a console war argument. beyond that, it's rare to see anything get any kind of interest on here.

jdaboss1046d ago

It definitely just got a lot more interesting with Uncharted being pushed back.

Summons751046d ago

There are ten tons of games this year and we haven't we've seen what's going to get announced at E3... Stinks Uncharted got "DELAYED" but they never gave a definite date to begin with.

DigitalRaptor1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Uncharted 4 being pushed back and sensationalised in the media is the only reason articles like this could possibly ever exist. Quantum Break is delayed to 2016 like I anticipated it might be. Microsoft is just keeping mum.

So Xbone has mostly the usual suspects:
- Fable Legends (free-to-play)
- Halo 5
- Forza 6
- Rise of the Tomb Raider (timed)

All in the last 2-3 months of this year. 2-3 months of solid releases doesn't make it the year of ANYTHING. A year is twelve months, but some people would like to move goalposts.

PS4 has for the rest of this year:
- Bloodborne
- Until Dawn
- Drawn to Death
- Ratchet & Clank
- Tearaway Unfolded
- Persona 5
- MLB 15: The Show
- Yakuza Zero

I mean "Year of the Xbox"???? Are people being serious?? What I just listed is more than Xbox has, and then some. Then PS4 has an absolutely landslide's worth of indie and free-to-play game releases compared to Xbone. Those games are not even small games either:

- Killing Floor 2
- The Witness
- Amplitude
- The Talos Principle
- No Man's Sky
- The Forest
- Deep Down
- RiME
- Kingdom Under Fire II
- PlanetSide 2
- The Tomorrow Children

That's just a very, very small glimpse of what PS4 has. PS4 has way, way, wayyyyyy more.

What is wrong with people? There hasn't been an Xbox exclusive that's won a GOTY award in almost 10 years. Sony has had over 5 winners in about 8 years. You can prefer Xbox, but let's be realistic. Uncharted 4's delay doesn't mean anything. Xbox doesn't have more just because UC4 was delayed a few months, some people are just trying to sell you illusions due to the holiday season being more prominent.

PS4isKing_821046d ago

Don't forget Dragon quest heroes, Persona 5, final fantasy X/X-2 hd, Godzilla, Ultra street fighter4, and more :D

2015 is the year of ps4 third party exclusives :D

Eejanaika1046d ago

Not sure why you're even on an xbox article ranting about the ps4. But if you actually read the article its not about who has more games comming out. its about microsoft excelling this year from their previus years.

I also cant remember when i cared about GOTY since all platforms across all conoles have really good games that all probably deserve GOTY.

RealFry1045d ago

Only exclusives im interested in from PS4 are No mans sky, Planetside 2 and Rachet and clank. If I also had an Xbox I would get Halo 5 and get all the multiplats im interested in on PS4. Already payed off batman and metal gear, just waiting on reviews for Battlefront and a price drop for new Naruto game.

04STIBluByU1046d ago

I would say late 2015 would be the time to get an XB1, because you know MS will have killer deals then and thats when most of their exclusives drop! Updates and multi-platform games are not a reason to get an XB1 over a PS4 or Wii-U. But at least the article is right about the year...just not the time frame of the year.

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