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Mick Fraser: "Ori and the Blind Forest is a masterpiece – of that there is no question. Stunningly pretty and fiendishly clever, it’s ten hours of arguably the most precise puzzle-platforming I’ve experienced – and it pulls on the heartstrings more than most big budget titles can manage. Its only shortcoming is the inconsistent difficulty and the effect that has on the overall pacing. That one gripe aside, Moon Studios’ odyssey is an exceptional adventure that demands to be played and perfected. Simply extraordinary."

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maybelovehate1222d ago

Very nicely done review. I hope gamers take notice to all the reviews and get this game. An experience that should not be missed.

aviator1891222d ago

Great review.
I wish I could erase my memories and play this game all over again.
Loved it.

Kingdomcome2471222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Me too man. I'm going to do another playthrough to try to 100% the game. I wasn't aware that you couldn't go back to the forlorn ruins or the ginsu tree after leaving, so I missed some stuff. There's an exclamation point on the map to the far left that's driving me nuts. It's too perfect an exclamation point to be coincidence. It's bright green, but whenever I go there it's just a slime waterfall in the background.

GearSkiN1222d ago

This game fucked me, I'm stuck in a room and the door is lock... Omg now Idk what to do... Can't beat it now...

Kingdomcome2471222d ago

Where at? Maybe I can help.