Hands on with Fable Legends at PAX East 2015 - SheAttack

SheAttack staff member Gabby Nuovo gets her hands on the 2016 upcoming free title, Fable Legends. Read her thoughts on the game after waiting in line for 2 hours to play it!

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RJ920091224d ago

This game looks good. I just hope this is not all they will do with the fable this gen

robtion1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Sounds like Evolve. 4 characters with different classes vs a baddie who controls the monsters.

I like the graphics but fear it will have no worthwhile single player campaign, and be loaded with DLC and micro transactions just like Titanfall and Evolve.

RiPPn1224d ago

I want a proper Fable game, not this crapware with the Fable name slapped on it.

Andofaus1224d ago

Wait what, did I miss something? I thought this was a 2015 title.

somegamergirl1222d ago

Hey there! When I asked at the booth, the Microsoft booth workers told me 2016. I guess it's been delayed?

RealityModeler1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

With the beta going on now, mentioning a 2016 release is odd. Maybe she just mentioned 2016 to ensure that she was right about when it will be released, or maybe MS decided to delay until around when Uncharted 4 is released due to Sony fans complaining that MS doesn't have any titles to compete in the beginning of the year with Sony's practice of delaying their AAA holiday games. Other than her comment, I don't see anything online about Fable Legends being delayed. I've been expecting it to be released for the holidays to promote XBox One with DirectX 12, keyboard support, and cross play, etc.

somegamergirl1222d ago

I was told by the Microsoft booth workers that the game would be released next year. Either they informed me wrong, or the game has been delayed.

RealityModeler1222d ago

Thanks for the info. I suppose maybe they plan on having an open beta through the preview program over the holidays, since it is free to play anyway, and release next year... that would help avoid another MCC drama.