Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Complete Story Mode Video for DLC Pack #1

DLC Pack #1 has a story mode saga where you fight DBGT Trunks, Giant Ape Baby, a neo Ginyu Force with Nappa as the leader, and villainous Super 17.

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Foraoise1103d ago

Ew. I hate Baby's voice in this. Why'd they do that?!

LAWSON721103d ago

I believe they used the DBZ ki voice actors. Frieza sounds way different. It is not that bad, just not classic.

Foraoise1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

DBGT didn't have kai though?

Edit* I see what you're saying. It just takes a lot to get used to you know?

johny51103d ago

I was most upset when they changed Hercule's Japanese voice actor! His voice is very memorable and the basis for his English voice.

LAWSON721103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

LOL, I failed, anyway, simply put just like new scenes in Kai new voice actors were needed. It sucks but sadly it comes with old series returning

bokharij1103d ago

Sorry I disagreed with you by mistake.

OmegaShen1103d ago

GT with Kai voices -_- great, see they couldn't get 17's outfit right or was just lazy.

ZeekQuattro1101d ago

They were just lazy. Even Budokai 1 had GT 17's jacket as an alt.

OmegaShen1101d ago

Yeah, they did a network test for this game and yet the network seem to be not any better.

nick3091103d ago

20 minute story dlc? Get out!

Canary1103d ago

So will all of the DLC quests be accessed via the Culina robot?