PS4 Firmware 2.50: 8 Minute Video Shows Several Features, New Screen Shows Updated Profile

A user has got his hands on the beta version of firmware 2.50.

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Abash951d ago

Yeah it is a great update, most excited for Suspend/Resume and 60fps for Remote Play and Shareplay

moldybread951d ago

button assignments is cool too

thereapersson951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Seriously, MoldyBread; Besides the suspend / resume feature - which I have been waiting for on all apps, not just Netflix, YouTube, etc. - button mapping is really top-notch stuff.

This is a system-wide change, so any buttons you are used to in all apps will be modified.

TheCommentator951d ago

Some really cool update functions for sure, great job Sony! I wonder how button assignments work - does it remap the UI or games or both? As a XB1 owner, I hope to see this function at some point since a lot of times button configurations can be frustrating.

PS4isKing_82951d ago

I read somewhere last week it only applies to the ui unfortunately.

dantesparda951d ago

According to Scott McCarthy, yes you can. Here read it yourself.

Auron2 asks - ”*Users will also be able to reassign buttons for DualShock 4, making it easier for users with limited manual dexterity or limited reach and strength to play.”

"Wow, wait. Does this mean we can actually force custom control settings into any game?
That would be cool"

And Scoot McCarthy replies - "Not the primary intended purpose but yes you are correct!"

Comment no.22

TheDetective951d ago

@dantesparda Wow Really ? that means PS4 users can get rid of the Dedicated Launch button on DmC because we can force it..that's a big plus. i will have to try that out later in the year During down time. maybe with this old school fan's might be able to fix the Launch in DmC to how it was in older games

Bobby Kotex951d ago

Meanwhile not a single improvement to library management or folders for installed games. It would be nice to hide all of the useless betatests in my library.

madcrabs950d ago

I like it so far. I wish they wouldn't have put that PS Store tab down on the main screen though, it was fine where it was.

Also super excited for the Spotify integration and I can't wait to have all of my Destiny data deleted in 60fps over SharePlay!

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Swonic951d ago

Playstation Now for Germany ? YES!!!

U_R_Weirdos951d ago

Wurde auch mal zeit ;-)

Finally! I would love to play god of war 3 again, if it's available ofcourse.

Haru951d ago

Why did they have to put playstation store on the home screen :/

aNDROiD17_951d ago

Seriously! It was fine where it was.

Iceball2000951d ago

I hope thy move it back! Honestly, bring back the XMB, this new UI is nothin but a headache and disorganized. It's probably my only pet peeve

TKCMuzzer951d ago

eh? No offence but it's one of the simplest UI's i've ever used, it's quick to navigate and you can fly between menu's with ease.

Are you using it blind folded?

Spinal951d ago

Look at all those disagrees the PS3 ui was horrid I think everyone knows that. The ps4 ui is farrrrrrrr better more easy to use and it's better than the X1 ui.

xabmol951d ago

I thought the XMB won, like, a billion fucking design awards or something? And everybody was praising it last gen. I thought it was elegant and highly functional. But all those disagrees, man...

Spotie951d ago

Those disagrees are probably because he's saying the still straightforward ui of the PS4 is some difficult mess when it's not.

Don't know why any of you would have jumped to the conclusion you did.

rainslacker951d ago

There isn't a huge difference between the XMB and the PS4 UI. PS4 just has another section of the XMB for apps/games. All the stuff that was there before is still there, and it's pretty easy to navigate.

The social media stuff can look cluttered when you highlight a game, but you can mostly ignore it to start a game or do whatever.

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1nsomniac951d ago

Did I just see a back-up to USB option? thank god, now I can update my HDD eventually.

uth11951d ago

yeah I did a 1 tb update, it was a pain in the arse to restore everything. I'll eventually want a 2 tb drive, but I dreaded doing it again. Backing everything up to external drive will help immensely!

Agent_00_Revan951d ago

I'm really glad I decided to upgrade it right out of the box before playing anything. I remember how much of a pain it was to do with the PS3.

MegaRay951d ago

Anyone know if button assignment is per game or for all games?

colonel179951d ago

For all games. It's system wide, so if you switch X for O, every game, app and everything you use will have that configuration.

Genuine-User951d ago

This is such a great feature for gamers, especially for those that are disabled.