Most Difficult PS4 Trophies That Are Not Worth It

For those of you who are looking to get a few easy trophies for your collection then you'll want to stay away from attempting these.

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LetoAtreides82948d ago

Easiest platinum is probably The Walking Dead by Telltale Games, all you have to do is beat the game in any difficulty.

soniqstylz948d ago

There is no difficulty, either.

LoneWanderer09948d ago

Personally I don't have a platinum that I believe was a waste of time or not worth it. Some where difficult, but always worth it.

Viryu948d ago

Ugh, that Flawless Rider trophy for Destiny. I couldn't even beat the basic raid once >.<

taijutsu363948d ago

Oh yeah I got that one by luck and that trophy is hard to get for two reasons!

1. Gltches seem to pop up at random times lke the game doesnt like that nobody has died yet!

2. It requires everyone in your party to know what their doing!

bananaboats948d ago

those two reasons are why i repect anyone with that achievement

kaizokuspy948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

It was extremely easy when the raids were still broken and unpatched. Now would be crazy to get it. My proudest plat and only plat since moving to ps4 is Rogue Legacy. Proud as all hell for it.

@gamespawn still easily doable if your party setup is like this: 6 Icebreakers, 6 Gallehorns. There's still an unpatched exploit where you can jetpack and hide when doing the first suboss just before Gorgon Eyes. Fly up to a crack in the wall above the subboss and you can see all the 2 oracles from there and everyone can see the other oracles if they just stay at starting platform before jumping down. I wouldn't say its a true exploit as all you do is double jump into it and its not hidden or anything.

GameSpawn948d ago

Which Raid did you pull this off on?

I'd imagine (glitches aside) VoG Normal would be the best place now for anyone to attempt this since the level cap is so far beyond VoG's lowest required level. The only parts I can see people dieing on ruining the trophy is the disappearing platforms part or goofing up around the Gorgons (although if everyone was 30+ on VoG Normal, they'd probably be able to easily kill every Gorgon).

About Black Flag (back to the article):

I have the AC4:BF Platinum and "Sharing is Caring" wasn't hard for me, but I played it at launch when the online components were more active (that specific trophy came almost naturally). What was time consuming and a real grind for AC4 was getting to the max level (55?) in multiplayer (after this the levels loop and become Prestige levels). This took SO freaking long - Wolkpack helped, but still took LOTS of games.

admiralvic948d ago

@ Viryu

It really isn't that bad and I would gladly help you do the raid if you need it.

@ Taijutsu363

The funny thing is that the glitches were never the main thing stopping people. It use to be the jumping puzzle. I kid you not, I saw more runs fail to that part that glitches, poor tactics, bad weapons and the like combined. The only thing that came close was the Gorgon area, but things go easier with Crota.

@ Gamespawn

It's generally believed that Crota is easier than VoG. Part of this is due to the fact Crota is MUCH shorter and doesn't have any extremely easy to fail sections, but the other part is that Destiny is a game built off negatives. I find it funny that the community follows the same logic, since nothing in Destiny is designed to go in your favor. Like you can do VoG on normal at level 32 with maxed out 33x guns and it will be almost identical to doing it at level 28 with maxed out 300 guns.

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The_Eternal_one948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

@GameSpawn I got my platinum for this game a few weeks ago and I got this trophy by playing crotas end on normal. We chose crotas because it's a lot faster and easier compared to vog because less glitching, it's a shorter raid between the 2.

It took us 3 runs but would have only been 1 if the sword didn't disappear on the first run and if someone didn't blow themselves up by accident when a thrall ran at them.

arkard948d ago


My clan and myself just got this trophy last week. We did Crota normal. Have someone solo the lamps. We ran the bridge normal (this was our hardest point we had to wipe 3 times) the deathsinger is easy if you take your time. Crota have someone that is 32 run the sword and only go for 3 hits max. I screwed up the sword 2x where I got no hits on one of Crotas downs and still beat him before enrage. With a good team it's not to bad. Took us 6 attempts with a total time of 95 mins spent trying to beat it flawless.

emad-E-three948d ago

I did it with 2 friends in the Crota's End raid, all 3 of us level 32, swordbearer was a Hunter and he is the only one with gjallarhorn (about 1000 hours now and still no luck!) in each hit 4 rockets of the Hunger of Crota we killed him with the 3rd sword (safer than 2 swords), I was Warlock and my task is to make orbs for the Titan to use the bubble on the right bridge to distract the Knights, took 5 tries to reach Crota flawlessly and as soon as we reached him we did it, So my advice Crota is much easier and faster with much less glitches it only need people with experience and the dark below ;)

KwietStorm948d ago

You've definitely been playing with the wrong team if you never even beat it one time. I almost feel obligated to get you through it, because that's disappointing.

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taijutsu363948d ago

Knack a not so good game that makes you replay it over and over and over and over and get the idea.

kaizokuspy948d ago

For those that like punishment and platinum trophies, has anyone gotten platinum in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth? Unlocking "The Lost" character even using the ps4 exploit of using a seed still is harder than anything I have attempted.

admiralvic948d ago

I know at least one person has and a big thing stopping people was the fact that it was impossible until it was patched and I believe it still isn't patched in EU.

"Unlocking "The Lost" character even using the ps4 exploit of using a seed still is harder than anything I have attempted."

No offense, but you must be doing some pretty easy things if you think that is hard. Especially since you can just abuse saved games to pull it off.

kaizokuspy947d ago

you don't abuse saved games. any platform can use seeds for the first three deaths, its the last one where you cant use a seed to activate it. All the seed does is pre render the dungeon, but even then it doesn't take much to kill you in that game. Only .1% have the platinum man. Which means pretty much no one has the platinum, because it is hard regardless of skill.

admiralvic947d ago

"you don't abuse saved games. any platform can use seeds for the first three deaths, its the last one where you cant use a seed to activate it. All the seed does is pre render the dungeon, but even then it doesn't take much to kill you in that game."

-eye roll-

Not what I meant, but please rant on about stuff I know. When I say abuse, I mean go into a room, clear it, back out, copy your save elsewhere, repeat until you finish. You can do this for almost, if not everything, in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Up to and including the challenge stages. The only exception I remember was playing as The Lost, which I believe was later patched out and no longer kills you upon restarting.

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